Year number... 3 or 4 for me! :D

Hey, everyone and Happy Holidays. Can you believe that it's this time of year again already? This is either my 3rd or 4th year doing Holiday Wishes, and I'm excited to see what I can help out with! Anway, a little bit about myself. I'm a 24 year old chicka living in the area of Eastern Pennsylvania known as the Lehigh Valley. I live with my partner of 4 years, and our dog (a red Doxie named Oscar). Both my girlfriend and I aren't talking to our families for various reasons this holiday season (personal, but very justifiable reasons) and are doing things together to keep us from feeling guilty when we shouldn't, or depressed.

So, my wishlist.

1. Snail Mail. Cards, postcards, letters, drawings, sticker collections, whatever you'd like to send out. It'd be nice to get some things in the mail that aren't bills and junk!

2. Hair accessories. I'm growing my hair out to donate it to Locks of Love when it's long enough, and am finding that I'm quickly growing bored with it because it's so fine and thin. I'd love some do-dads for me to experiment with. Even if it's plain bobby pins (I have brown hair) or just some lengths of ribbon, or you grandmother's old headscarf.

3. A penpal would be awesome! It could be someone from around the corner or around the globe! I'm not working right now, so have all the free time in the world, and would love a few people to write to when I get bored.

4. Something for my pup. He's a 4 year old Doxie who could really use a coat to keep him warm. He likes pretty much any kind of treat, and plays with fuzzy stuffed animals. The problem with having a Doxie is that their body shape is so abnormal, clothes (coats and the like) don't really fit him, so if you're a crocheter or knitter, it would be AWESOME if you could make him something, and I'd be more than happy to get you his measurements.

5. Encouragement! I'm trying to write my very first novel, but am having a hard time keeping myself motivated to do some. I'd love for someone to just randomly send me an e-mail or an IM sometime that just says "Have you thought about your book today?"

6. Blankets, sheets, laundry detergent, and collars and leashes for me to take to my local animal shelter. They used to be the SPCA, but have since been taken over by a no-kill shelter. Since I'm not working I haven't been able to donate at all this year, and feel amazingly terrible because of it. If you would rather donate directly to them, you can find their website here.

7. Thoughts of encouragement/prayers for my youngest brother. He's got ADHD and depression and tends to get himself in trouble a lot because my parents all but refuse to recognize that they're actual medical problems that need to be treated. This is the reason why I'm not talking to my family because every time I try to stand up for him, they tell me if I don't like to not come around. I still talk to my little brother, and he understands that I'm still in his corner but don't need the stress. Anyway, if you could just think about him or offer up a prayer that he makes it through all this, I'd be especially thankful.

8. Prayers for myself and my girlfrend. We're both unemployed at the moment and are desperately seeking work. She's got a few promising connections in the Knoxville, TN area, so any tips or recs. for me (it'd be retail or the like. Maybe secretarial) would be extremely helpful.

9. Anything zombie related. The book I'm writing (as mentioned above) is a zombie novel, and I'd love to have a whole library of references. Books, movies, music, art... whatever you have. If you no longer want it, I'll be happy to take it off your hands.

10. The last thing, also goes along with my attempt at being a writer. I'd LOVE some writing tools. Pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, binders, those little post-it flags. Any kind of office supply, really.

You can reach me at my email simplyamazing(the number eleven) [at]gmail[dot]com. I look forward to hearing from all of you, and granting whatever wishes I can myself this year!
I live right outside of Knoxville. I know H&R Block is hiring for client services (AKA secretary). Definitely go online and fill that out!
Thanks so much for the tip! I'll definitely do that when I get home from my HS alma mater's playoff game!
I'm growing my hair out for Locks of Love too! This is the first time it's been it's normal colour in probably ten years.
I'm going to add you as an LJ friend to send you random writing encouragement. I just published my first novel this month (and oddly enough it's about zombies). When you finish your book. I'd be happy to take a look and send it on to my publisher if you'd like.
My son and my younger brother both have ADHD and while I do not profess to even be close to an expert on it, I've been there and I'm keeping your brother in my thoughts.
Adding you back as soon as I post this comment! :D

If you go to my journal and read my latest entry it explains the argument I had with my dad over my little brother.

What's the name of your book, I'll make sure to look for it and pick it up for inspiration! :D
My book is only available as an ebook for the month of November but is supposed to be published as a 'real' book this month. It can be downloaded from It's called 'Dead Girls, Dogs and Ponies.'
And how is your writing coming?
Thank you, that means so much. Especially for my brother. There's a simple (though not easily attainable) answer to my problems. Sadly, not so much for him.
There's a book called ADHD & Me: What I Learned From Lighting Fires At the Dinner Table by Blake Taylor. It discusses his childhood with ADHD and some different episodes that stemmed from it. At the end of each chapter, he discusses what he learned from that episode and how it could have been prevented. Unfortunately, the thing he recommends first and foremost is medication, so it may not be a huge help to your brother, but at least its a reminder that other people out there are going through the same thing.

I would love to send you a postcard and maybe even become a penpal. I'll email your for your address!
:D I got and replied to your email! Make sure you send me your address so I can do the same!
*huggles you*

Do I have your AIM name already? If so I'll make sure to IM you about your book!
Hiya, if you email me your address to I'll make your mail box happy :D
:D Thanks!

I'm not sure if I emailed you (if I did, gmail ate it because it's evil), but I'll be sending it again in a few seconds!
I'm in Texas, so I have no tips on job searching in the Knoxville area, but I can definitely think good thoughts for your brother, you, and your girl. ^^

Also, if you aren't aware of it, has some great forums for support and ongoing conversations about noveling and writing in general. It just finished today, but there are some good talks going on over there, and many other people are fighting the good fight like you: just trying to get the story out onto paper. Don't give up! Keep writing!
I'm actually a member at Nano, I was supposed to do this book for it, actually but had some stuff that came up and I got WAAAAAAAAY behind! I'm PhilliesPanda35 over there if you'd like to friend me! :D
Re: #4
:D Thank you so much! I'll can get you his measurements if you'd like, if not he's a standard Doxie. Oscar says he'll wear anything that's not girly colored. I think that rainbow sock yarn would look nifty. But, we're not picky!
Re: #4
D'you know, that's funny. I just got some of that rainbow stuff in the post today and I don't remember ordering it. XD

Go ahead and email me at :)
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)
I'm down for 1/3 and 10! Email me at!