Merry Christmas!!

My name is Amy. I am a 25 year old wife/mother. I'm a stay at home mom which can make things tough for us now and then but with no family close to watch her and our not being comfortable with daycare raising her part of the day it's what works best for us. I do baby sit for our neighbor a few times a week which helps a little and gives my 2.5 year old daughter socialization time with other kids. :) Anyway, on to my list:

1. 3T Clothes for my daughter. She's just always growing so fast! I don't mind recycling clothes so if you've got some nice gently used clothes that are no longer being used I'll take those even. She's in a 3T right now. Or if you don't want to send actual clothes or don't have any no longer being used laying around but still wish to help out, gift cards to Target so we can get her some extras next time would help too! Chistmas time is always tight and it would help put a few extra clothes for her to unwrap under the tree. I could wrap them up from "Santa" ^_^

2. Be less wasteful. This is one thing I see people do everyday. Throw so much away! If it's something worth passing on take time out of your day to run it to your local Salvation Army/Goodwill or whatever your local used item shops may be. You may not use it but someone else may just be looking for what's sitting gathering dust somewhere. They take all sorts of things, not just clothes, and it really does help those who need it!

3. iPod Touch. I know it's a big request but as things stand with our family it's one thing I would LOVE for Christmas but we'll never be able to get. I figure even if it doesn't get granted there's nothing wrong with asking! ^_^

4. Paid LJ Account. I wouldn't mind having this for a gift. I saw this last year after I had already posted my list, never though to ask for it. So here it is this year!

5. Books. I have the first 3 in the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles series but I would love any from 4 on (hopefully starting with 4 so I can continue on after 3.) Also I'd love to get the books from her "New Vampire Chronicles" series I think it is... I know one of the books is Pandora, great book, I'd love to get it again! Hardcover is nice but I'm not picky!

6. PSP. Yes another big request, I know. But Hubby has wanted one oh so badly and as with the iPod Touch it's just so hard to get each other stuff like that even when we want to so badly. But if you have a nice working one laying around you don't use anymore, or are feeling generous enough to get a new one, we're not picky. Just needs to be in decent shape if used. You know, all buttons working, screen working right, reads UMDs, not completely beaten up, etc.

7. Toys for my daughter. Nothing big or big ticket. Anything really. As long as it's safe for a 3 year old. She loves My little pony, Dora, Tinkerbell, Barbie, typical girl stuff. Even something unique that they don't have around us but a 3 year old would greatly enjoy would be neat! Can be used even so long as it's in nice condition still. And again, like with the clothes, if you have no actual toys to send but would like to still help a gift card to Target/Walmart can help us pick up a few small things to put under the tree for her we may not have been able to ourselves. Again, you could be her "Santa".

8. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Show it to everyone around you. It's Christmas time, and while this should be a happy time of giving and time spent with those you love you never know who doesn't have that ability. Some do not have the money, or are seperated from family be it for reasons of living somewhere distant or more difficult reasons. Christmas is a tough time for a lot of people. Help by showing a gentle smile, a helpful hand, or just anything to show they're not alone in the world. You never know who's world you could brighten, even if only for a day.

9. Snail mail. Letters, cards, random packages. Especially random packages! ^_^ I don't get much and it would be nice to receive random bunches of happiness in the mail! By packages I mean anything, craft stuff to use with my daughter, non perishable unopened yummy food goodness to try out, just anything to make us smile! Doesn't have to be expensive or a lot. I just like getting surprises! Especially if it's things I can't get where I live! I don't get to travel so it would be fun to travel through what you can send!

10. Clothes for myself. I don't tend to like spending money on myself. I prefer to use it on my husband and my daughter. But I am in need of a few things and it would help out tons. I would love to get myself some new jeans, mine are terrible, the ones I love best are the Hydraulic brand that Charlotte Russe sells or just to anyplace that I can get myself a few new clothes from. My wardrobe could use a lot of work. OR if you have some gently used items that you don't wear yourself anymore feel free to pass them on! In the Hydraulic brand of jeans I wear a 9/10. I'm not sure what they're classified for sizing (juniors or misses or women's) As far as women's clothing I'm not 100% on my size but I have a skirt I got as a gift from NY & Co. from a friend that is a size 4 womens. So maybe between a 4 and a 6 I'll say. If I can' t use it myself because of size you can be sure to know I'll pass it on to someone who can. For tops, usually a medium.

Contact: Email me for my info, I have paypal if that is easier than sending gift cards. mommy2emmabear [at] yahoo [dot] com. My paypal is associated with a different email so if you're interested please ask so I can pass it along to you.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Holiday!! Thank you to the moderators who make this community possible! It's so nice to have something like this. Not just so I can post my list, but it's nice to have a group of people so willing to help each other out. It needs to happen more in the world.
sktrgothchick's paid account has now been extended by 3 months.

Its not much but happy holidays <3
Aww thank you oh so much! And 3 months is still more than I had! I'll get to find out if I want to save up and pay to keep it or if plus was enough for me! :)

Happy Holidays to you as well! <3
If you're so inclined or have storage space, I have a bunch of 4t summer clothes for a little girl. There are some 3T clothes here, but not much and they're mostly boys. :-(
SURE! I'm always up for saving clothes. If I can't save them somewhere my mom can help me out. She has a huge house and no children at home anymore hehe.
:) Email me at the address I gave and I'll email you my address to send them to. :) Thank you so much!!
I can send you The Tail of the Body Thief [Book IV of the Vampire Chronicles] and Pandora. Both paperback and not in the best of shape, but they're yours if you want them.
I will take them! I'm not going to be choosey. As long as they're readable I'll be content as can be! :) o you have a place I can send you my addy?
#2. I use our local freecycle group as much as possible and donate unwanted clothes to a local charity. They call us monthly to see if we have anything to give, which is a great reminder to go through the closets and dressers.
Yay! Donating is awesome! I freecycle as well. Another great site is craigslist. So many gently used things at great finds of prices sometimes! :)
Indeed! Craigslist and kijiji are both great.

Would love to send some snail mail you way. Can you email me your address? s_ings at yahoo dot com