Holiday Wishes.. 2009

Seasons Greetings all!!

My name is Kelli.. I'm in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada.. I am currently on disability trying to cope with multiple medical issues, incl CFS, FMS, Endo, etc..) Some days are easier than others, but getting something in the mailbox other than the bills would definitely brighten a day!
I've been doing this since '04.. This is a great community.. Some years I participate more than others.. I already have notes made for 70-some wishes and I hope those get send a few more :)

My Wish List

  1. Snail mail.. Be it a letter, post card, a seasonal card (I do the Christmas thing), art work, or something creative.. I'd especially like stuff from from across the world, and I live in Canada
  2. Coins.. I know there are collector coins in Canada and the States, so those would be great, especially the recent Canadian ones or any American ones, plus any foreign (non-Canadian) currency, preferably coinage..
  3. Plushies.. any type of stuffed toy.. Yes, for me - I am addicted.. Even one of those little McDonald's TY plush toys if gently used or still in the bag..
  4. Memberships.. to the Endometriosis Association, and/or the National Fibromyalgia Association preferably the 'online membership'
  5. Donations to the Endometriosis Association, FMS Canada, and/or the National Fibromyalgia Association .. Or other charity of your choice..
  6. Cookie recipes.. I do cookies for some of my gifts every year & try to mix it up, so I was hoping for some good & preferably easy ones that I can make for Gifts. And Diabetic ones.. I have two people that are diabetic on my list.. esp Shortbread!
  7. Handmade Christmas Ornaments or decorations.. Over the years, I have made some for my tree.. and I am making some to go out as wishes.. I'd love to get some back. :) Or regionally/religiously ethnic ones would be cool too!
  8. Books.. from the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, or the third in Left Behind End of State series titled Necessary Evils by Neesa Hart.. from any sort of Christian or semi-christian novels.. & the Christina ones... (when I remember what the heck I mean by this, I'll let ya know! :)
  9. A grab bag.. A surprise of anything in my mailbox would be awesome!
  10. Click to help! Please add the animal rescue site link to your browser so you click everyday. Then click on the rest of the charities there helping the Rainforest, Literacy, Child Health, Breast Cancer, and Hunger.. You can also buy a gift or nine for some of the special people (four-legged or two) in your life this season, as each charity has its own store..

My 411Collapse )

If you plan to grant a wish, pls comment below with the link to your own wish list :)
Thank you in advance to everyone for their consideration..

Remember ~ if you receive a gift, Say Thank You!!
And imo big items deserve a Personal Thank You.. do so after you receive the item so the sender knows it's been received..

I have been disappointed with the few thank yous I've received for gifts I sent, esp the DVD I sent to England a few years back.. So for those whose wish I am able to grant, esp anything more than a card within Canada or the US, I prefer a thank you to me directly or on my wish list, not in the thank you community.. :) How else do I know if you received it or not?!

Request about tags.. pls include your country & continent.. I dunno about others, but I search by country & for those over the pond, by continent. Also include, as listed, your wishes, like mine will include stuff like cards, coins, recipes, etc..

**Also keep an eye on your spam boxes, so far, I've had three wishes go awol via my spam filter..**

I will be keeping updates on my progress with Wishes on my own Journal :)
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These are always a hit around our house. Enjoy!


Combine 1 3/4 cups flour, 1 t. soda, 1/2 t. salt, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup shortening, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1 egg, 2 T. milk and 1 T. vanilla. Mix on lowest speed of mixer until dough forms. Shape dough into balls using a rounded teaspoon for each. Roll balls in sugar and place on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 - 12 minutes. Top each cookie with a Hershey's chocolate kiss. Press down firmly so the cookies crack around the edges.
Sending you a card from Finland!

Also I heartily second what you said about thank yous (and tags!). Especially us who send stuff across the pond or further would love to know if our gifts arrived safely!

Re: #1
Actually I was really cheesed, cuz the postage cost as much as teh gift & there was no response whatsoever from the recipient!
I have fibro/cfs/endo as well, and i'd love to have a penpal who also knows how I feel. I'm up for it if you are!
Holiday Wishes!! PenPal.
What a combination we are.. I suck at getting back to people, but this might be a good idea to create a bit more sociability in my life & getting something in the mail is always cool. :) I'd like to try.. :)

Where are you btw?
hello! I am going to get some mail out to you within the next couple of days. Easier to send some things to Canadians!
Holiday Wishes - Plushies
As long as it's not horrific looking, I'm good.. Most of my plushies are animals, so, I'd prefer an animal of some sort.. :) Cute looking would be good ;)
I can send you snail mail/cards.

I'm working on Christmas ornaments. I don't know if they'll be ready to ship before this Christmas (I help children at my church and this month we're doing ornaments), but You'll have it in time for next Christmas.

edit: Christmas ornaments have been finished and will be going in the mail on Monday. The kids of my church really enjoyed painted them!

My wish list can be found here

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