Help out an educator this holiday season!

Hello again! I'm back for my third year at holiday_wishes ! While my entire wishlist last year was for my classroom, this year I've decided to be a bit selfish and ask for a few personal items, as well.

Let's get to it! :)

#1. BE NICE TO YOUR TEACHERS. Or your kid's teachers. Educators put an absolutely unthinkable amount of time into their jobs, yet we seem to always be at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting thanks. Public School employees are also usually the first to get beat on when a budget crisis happens - either our jobs or our pensions or our benefits. Regardless of the misconception out there, we are very hardworking folks who don't deserve the amount of abuse people heap on us.
Take a few moments this holiday season to tell your teachers just how much you appreciate what they do for your education. You don't even have to buy them anything - just a heartfelt thanks is enough to make their day.

#2. THIS American Library Association READ poster for my classroom. Mostly because I think he's a great actor, but also because more kids need to be encouraged when it comes to literacy. Although I teach science, I'm a firm believer that reading is one of the most important skills you can ever learn, as it is necessary for success in all other subjects. If you're in a really giving mood, I also wouldn't mind these other ALA posters: 1, 2, 3.
eraticschematic for the Alan Rickman poster! *big hugs*

#3. Fluorescent minerals. I find fluorescent minerals fascinating and its an easy way to get students involved in geology. Although any fluorescent mineral samples are welcomes, I would especially like a sample of the willemite-calcite-franklinite ore from the
Sterling Hill Mine Museum in NJ.

#4. A better UV light for my fluorescent minerals. Something like these. Used is perfectly acceptable!!! SW or LW, either is good. ;)

Now onto the self, non-classroom related items. Wee!

#5. Sherlock Holmes on DVD. Although the complete collection is my wish, I'll take the individual seasons, too. Especially The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Ah....Jeremy Brett..

#6. Epsom Salts! I love nicely scented epsom salts in my bath, so I'd love it if people could send me their favorite brand/scent. :)

#7. Sookie Stackhouse novels. I read most of Charlaine Harris' series at my local library, but I'd really like to own paperback copies of volumes 1-7 (I have 8 and 9).

#8. Bryn Mawr College memorabilia. Yep, I'm a Mawrtyr. I'd really like to find old postcards of the campus and buildings, as well as the Wedgwood commemorative plates -- especially the plates of Radnor, Rockefeller and Pembroke West Halls.

#9. XKCD compliation. Yep, my favorite webcomic has a book. And I want it! THANKS, animerei

#10. Animation Art.
I collect animation celluloids (cels, for short). My greatest realistically feasible wish is to own this cel of Maleficent and Prince Philip. But honestly, I love all cels from Japanese or American animation. I'll take whatever you're willing to part with! :)

E-mail clinozoisite[at] for contact information!
With regard to #8:
Hello, fellow Mawrtyr!
I've haven't got physical cards, but I do have some digital files of old Bryn Mawr. Because I was writing about the formation of the Bio dept and choosing images to give to Mayor Nutter, I didn't get many pictures of the dorms.
There's a May Day (1914), Graduation (1915), Thomas exterior, Merion exterior, two interior of the geo/bio/chem in Taylor (before the department moved to Dalton), and a general exterior looking from over by where the pond behind Rhoads is now up to Taylor, the campus center [the gym etc at the time], Merion, and the cottages they used to have. If I could find my paper, I could give you a year (should be ~1885-1887).
They're pretty big .tif files that I have in 3 e-mails. I could forward them to you, if you want?
As an adjunct faculty at a community college, I'd like to thank you for all that you do - any education which has stuck to the kids that I get is due to a good teacher they had before they get to me. So, thanks.
I teach history; US and European. So the influence of science teachers is perhaps less prominent in my classroom, but the skill of critical thinking and the ability to organize and present thoughts runs throughout all academia, so who knows?
I've sent you an email, but I'll definitely get that READ poster for you. As a library worker, I'm a sucker for ALL of those posters.
Am I weird for being so giddy over the idea of getting READ posters? I hope not, because I most certainly am! *YAY!* You're awesome. :)
Thanks to your wish, I'm in the process of writing letters to both of my childrens' teachers so they both know exactly how much they've influenced their lives, especially my daughter's grade 2 teacher who has taught both of my children. Both kids are thriving at school despite some pretty insurmountable challenges they've both faced and a lot of the credit lies with their teachers. I salute you and everyone else who makes a difference in a child's life.
I am sure that your children's teachers are going to be absolutely thrilled with your letters. Thanks so much for fulfilling that wish!