Holiday Wishes

Hello all! This is (I think) my fourth year participating in this community. I'm 28, live in a northwestern burb of Chicago with my husband and our bratty cat and yellow Lab. I don't really need much, so most of my wishes are non-material:

1. Holiday Cards. I love receiving cards - I always feel like I send out tons, but my family/friends are not so great about sending ones in return, unfortunately. I promise if you send me one, I will send one to you!

2. New LJ Friends. I always make this wish every year, and I actually have several LJ friends I met specifically from this community that I've had for a few years now. I'm not a daily poster, and I'm not all that interesting, but I do comment and read regularly.

3. Your recommendations for books/tutorials/etc on photography. I would like to improve - I specifically like animal/pet photography. Think VERY basic, I only have a normal point and shoot digital camera and am not too great at operating even that.

4. Donate or volunteer to your local animal shelter/rescue group etc. I'm involved both in Lab rescue (our Lab girl was adopted from a local rescue), and I volunteer weekly at our animal shelter. It doesn't take too much time, and our shelter is always in need of things like bleach, litter, sponges, etc which are not very expensive.

Erika Olivares
3403 York Lane
Island Lake, IL 60042

And, that's pretty much it. There's a few other things I'd love, such as the perfect job, and more friends IRL, but I don't think anyone can really help me there! ;)
Added! I'm not good at photography much either - but I'll ask around and see if there is anything I can come up with for photography info/books.
I'll be sending you a card! Feel free to take a look at my profile and let me know if you would like to be friends. :)
I would love to be your friend. We have several "interests" in common according to LJ profile (TM) and I just dig your icon. ^_^

No by my journal and have a look. If you like what you see, add away and I will reciprocate.
Thanks! My icon is my cat Kura...less than pleased to have a hat/head thingy put on her!

I added you to my f-list. :)
I added you as an lj friend. There may or may not be some Christmas cards in your future. ^^