Ready For Year 2!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a great day. I’m Linda, 22 years of age from NYC. I love fashion, beauty, going out, trying new things, going out to lunch/dinner, and taking pictures. This is my second year on holiday_wishes. I had so much fun fulfilling wishes last year and I can’t wait to grant some more wishes this year!

1. Xmas Cards/Postcards/Snail Mail I never get any mail and I love receiving cards. I keep every single card that I get. I still have the ones from this community from last year!
2. Scarves I don’t own any and would especially love it if it was a unique pattern or design. I’m really into patterns, such as houndstooth, herringbone, or plaid. However, a plain black scarf is just fine, I don’t even own that!
3. Gift cards To any store that has locations in NYC. Doesn’t have to be a large amount, I would even appreciate one with a leftover balance. I would get the most use out of Starbucks, Target, or 7-11.
4. Anything that has to do with photography A photo album, pictures that you took that you think are cool, links to free digital printing (this I definitely need!). Or, leave me your email address and ask me to invite you to sign up for a snapfish account (this way I get free prints lol)
5. Cosmetics Especially eyeshadows and nail polish. I love the pigmentation of MAC eyeshadows but anything you have is appreciated. (This item does not have to be brand new, I’d love to take something that you bought but don’t use or like anymore)
6. A cosmetics bag (Again, doesn’t have to be brand new, just in usable condition)
7. Unused Stamps I’m always sending mail so anything you have will help.
8. Post-Its I love Post-Its and my sister and I use them all the time. (Again, could just be a small stack)
9. Women’s Magazines I’d love for you to send me (recent) past issues of Cosmo, Lucky, Allure, Glamour, etc instead of throwing them away!
10. Socks I wear size 10 shoes (women’s) I love socks in wacky colors. I’m always tearing holes and rips in mine, sadly. =[

Feel free to contact me at worstxintentions at gmail dot com.
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)
THanks for the BSB poster! I would like to grant one of your wishes as well...expect a card soon!
Just e-mailed you for your mailing address; I'd like to send you a card. =)
Thanks for granting some of my wishes. I can send you an issue of Cosmo and a postcard in return. :)