he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow.

Hello everyone! I'm glad to see this community filling up my friends page again. This is my third year participating and it has really become one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I'm so excited to help people out with their wishes this year, it's the first time in years I've really felt the holiday spirit. =}

My list:

1. Adopt a new friend from your local animal shelter and give it lots of love and care.

2. Talk to someone who you haven't talked to before but you may see around sometimes. I am very shy and feel like I give off unwelcoming vibes sometimes, but it always brightens my day when someone unexpected comes up to chat!

3. Anything wolf related! I'm trying to collect as much wolf stuff for my sister as I can before Christmas/her birthday on December 26th.

4. A paid account on Pandora. I can't get enough, I am on this site constantly.

5. CDs! I don't have many cds of music I actually enjoy listening to and I really need some good stuff to drive to. Right now I'm really into music like Devotchka, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Beirut, and Madagascar. I also like any classical, bluegrass, most oldies, folk, psychobilly, punk rock, grindcore, metal... I'm open to anything!

6. Cute, warm slippers or house shoes for the cold nights ahead.

7. Anything sewing or fashion design related, but especially a zipper foot for a Singer 4538 C sewing machine.

8. Anything for cats, my sister and I have six all together and these fluffballs get expensive! (food, toys, collars, anything helps!)

9. Polaroid 600 film would be amazing.

10. A very long shot, but I'd really love to get another tattoo! It's been over two years since my last one, and that's way too long!

Mailing address, just in case:
Christina Estrada
PO Box 482
Bayard, NM 88023

Thanks for checking out my list! <3 Happy holidays!
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