Merry Christmas =]

Hello -- my name is KimmY and I'm 21 years old I've been doing this for several years it seems? I've granted some wishes and hope to grant some more this year & have had several of mine granted in the past which will not be forgotten and Thank you if you remember me or have ever sent me anything =]

(1) I have a four year old female Labrador and anything for her would be awesome!! I also have a hamster so hamster related items would be great too :)

(2) Anything twilight related because I too have been hit by the twilight train ;) and think it's great =P

(3) Candles or those glade candle things would be great but I'm not picky.. my mom loves ALL candles :)

(4) Hand Sanitizer that is scented :D!!! I know nerdy right? :P

(5) Christmas decorations :)

(6) I'll be starting school in January so notebooks, school supplies... whatever you think I'll need for college =P

(7) Elvis items! =] I love Elvis [Presley]

(8) Bath & Body Works the scent 'sweet pea'

(9) I would love to know about some awesome photo editing software that I could dload for free or something =)

(10) cd-r or blank DVDS for my videos.

Thank you & Merry Christmas! :)
For #9 if GIMP doesn't work for you then I would try

it has free versions, although some are like 30 day trials =) hope that helps!