Holiday Wishes

Hey all, I took a break from this community last year, but now I am back into the spirit of the holidays and of this community. I hope to grant some wishes/have mine granted this year!

1. Christmas Cards- I love getting Mail!
2. A PS3, this isn't for me, it's the only thing my husband wants for christmas and I can't afford one on my own. I was a member of a site where I could earn one, and was doing really well... until the site did away with the prize system :(
3. A hardcover copy of Wuthering Heights
4. A new Webkinz, my account expires soon and I can't afford a new animal
5. Earrings, of any type. I have three holes in each ear and like to fill them with interesting things.
6. Anything from my amazon wishlist Used is okay, and actually preferred, if you happen to own any of the movies/books and would just be willing to send them along, that'd be great!
7. Any sort of gift that would be great for a Video Gamer/Chef- It's a tight christmas and I'd love to be able to have gifts for my husband.(If anyone has a copy of Kirby Super Star for the Super Nintendo that they would be willing to part with, this would make his lifetime)
8. Game Boy Advance/ DS games- they don't have to be new, just games you no longer play would be great.
9. Any sort of lovely handmade thing- I love things that are made with love/ made especially for me.
10. An MP3 player, mine had a mishap with an overly helpful child and the Washing Machine

Here's my addy, I love being surprised and this will make it easier!

Melissa Thomas
5167 Hunters Pointe Lane
Hermitage, TN 37076

- You can e-mail me at, or IM me on AIM at noodles1987model. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
PM me your address, and I'll be happy to send you a card.
I can definitely send you a card & something from your Amazon ;)

Emailing you for your addy

- Sam
If only you wanted a paperback copy!

My boyfriend is a major gamer and what I did was got onto etsy, you can put a bid out there, but I actually got my guy soaps in the shapes of playstation remotes! They are pretty cool!
A paperback copy would be fine if it's in alright condition. My current paperback is simply falling apart. It's my favorite book so I tend to read it over and over which is why I am looking for a hardcover.
I can send you a paperback copy then! If you wanna send me your address to and please mention what I said I'd send.

I can grant #1 now.

If you can wait until after Christmas when I will have some more time on my hands, I can combine wish #5 and #9 by making you some earrings. I would need to know your preferences for colours for beads, and also gold/silver prefernces for the wires though.
I can certainly wait... surprises are good no matter what time of year.

I like silver, and as for colors, my favorite colors are pink and black :) Thanks so much!
Re: Thank You!!!
Not a problem hun =D
Use it to buy something fun! Again, I am terribly sorry about the long wait but ack, life is unpredictable.