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Hi everyone! I go by Otter online, I'm a celebrant of both Christmas and Yule, and I love to observe the holidays that are important to my friends and family. Since last year I was broke and jobless, I started a tradition of sending out cards to the people I'd have otherwise liked to get presents for, and I'm continuing it this year, so if any of you have card wishes please feel free to let me know in comments. And since I do actually have a job this year (I think), I hope to fulfill some other kinds of wishes as well. This is my second year posting in this comm, and here is my list!

1. Prayers, goodthoughts, energies, wishes and etc for JOB STABILITY is very much needed right now. I had a bad chest cold that pretty much knocked me out for the entire past week, and I was unable to get to work that whole time. They have been very strict about absences in the past, letting people go for too many, and I'm very concerned about my job being on the fritz, so the greatest thing I could ask for right now is for you to say a quick prayer, light a candle, think good thoughts, whatever you might like to do for me to still have a job. Thank you so much!

2. Cards! I too love receiving holiday cards.

3. Books: used, old, new, anything would be totally great. Right now I'm especially looking for books of mythology. I have a specific interest in Celtic mythology, but books on any kind of mythology would be awesome.

4. Food! I really really love food.

5. A perfume from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I've never gotten anything from there but I've always wanted to SO badly. I'm a fan of floral scents, and not big on food scents or powder scents, but anything at all would be hugely appreciated.

6. Paid time for my LJ account. It runs out on Christmas Day, and I just love my Chi icons so much. I also have a few rp accounts that I'd love to have paid time for, feel free to ask about those.

7. Gift cards to Best Buy would be love. I'm saving up for an iPod touch.

8. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for the DS.

9. Disney movies on DVD. Any of them. I do have a few already so ask if you'd like to know what I have.

10. Jewelry. Used, new, antique, old-fashioned, whatever. I'd just really like to have more.

Thanks for taking a look! Please feel free to link to your own wishlists in your comments. For my address please request.
Hi, I can send a card.

Please PM me with your name and address and put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject.

Thank you!
PM me your address, and I'd be happy to send you a card.
Sending good vibes your ways. And I hope you're feeling better now. :)
I'm sorry this isn't a granted wish, but I love your chi layout! Did you make it or did someone make it for you?
prayers oh yes
i hope that worked out for you.. although with the whole swine flu thing most companies are having to be more liberal about it....

card, and BPAl i can do. i like florals myself, so i always have some. could you send an address, and a lits of what i said i could send, to
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com?
pls put holiday wishes in the subject line or my computer eats it as spam.. sigh... it never eats the actual spam, just mail i WANT

i would love a card
i plan on decorating with them this year