My Holiday Wishes

So, a lot of my friends have been members here for years and this year they have "ganged up on me" to join myself, so here I am and I'm actually quite excited by it all. So I guess I should start with my list then.

1) Kennedy memorabilia. I'm a huge follower of the Kennedy family, in particular John F Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. I have lots of books that are commercially available but if people have harder to find books or magazines or postcards/posters/buttons, anything really that would be great.

2) Britney Spears memorabilia. Pretty much anything Britney !!!

3) Audrey Hepburn memorabilia. Huge fan of hers and again have lots of DVD's but a lack of trinkets, magazine articles posters etc so anything like that would make my day !

Right that's the memorabilia done !

4) Lucky Charms. Their breakfasty goodness is so hard to come by in the UK, we used to have them but alas no more :-(

5) Jolly Rancher. For the same reason as lucky charms (although perhaps not for breakfast)

6) Gant Silver. I love this fragrance. Of course I'm not expecting someone to buy a total stranger fragrance but if anyone has been given it and does not like the smell I'll be happy to have it !!

7) Buy something from/donate something to your local charity shop. If you do buy something it's not the thing you have bought that I wish for, just the fact that you've done it.

8) Dance movies on DVD. Who doesn't love a good dance movie !!

9) GQ Style issue one. I have all the rest but missed out on this one so would love to have the set.

10) Old books. I collect old books that are falling apart and are in need of a good home.

Well thanks for reading. If you can grant any of the above and need to contact me I can be reached on. (Written in full to avoid spam) dave dot hodder at ntlworld dot com

Thanks for your time and happy holidays !!!!
I will send you some Lucky Charms haha

Also, #7 done (like 4 full garbage bags of clothes donated to the Salvation Army... yay moving!)
Yay Lucky Charms

My address is
43 Hudson Close
WD24 5LW

Thank you !!

And 4 bags wow ! that's some donation !