Didn't we just celebrate Halloween?

I realized winter holidays are close when I opened this community and found so many new posts. And even though I'm not a big fan of Christmas, I had fun last year giving and receiving. I a way, I think this community embodies the spirit of the holidays perfectly: we are giving gifts to strangers because we know it will make them happy! Ain't that amazing?

So, brief intro: I'm Chiara, an Italian 22-year-old student. I am about to graduate from university. I love hanging out with my friends, music, tv shows, Photoshop and London.

Here's my wishlist:

1. Snail mail. It can be anything you want: a secret, a story, your story, a poem, something funny, a recipe, a postcard...

2. Surprise bag. I'd love to get a package in my mail and open it without knowing what's inside.

3. Paid LJ time.

4. Fanfiction: Jason/Tim from Friday Night Lights. I have read them all, and I need more because they are my OTP. ♥ Fics of them as friends are awesome too, as long as there's no Lyla involved. :/

5. Tea. I am addicted to it, and I'd like to try new flavors.

6. Photographs. I want to decorate the wall over my bed and I think it would be amazing to have photographs taken by people all over the world.

7. Write love on your arms. To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit organization which helps people struggling with depression and addiction. Have a look at their website, read their story, buy something from their store, write love on your arms, promote them, donate money.

8. A "I ♥ GEEKS" t-shirt. Girls fitted, size Small. White, black, grey and red are pretty much the only colors I wear. Second-hand is fine. :)


Chiara Tessari
Viale Mascagni, 48
36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)
Do you mind printing out the photos themselves? I can email a few of my originals if you like.
I might be able to send you some tea and photographs :) I've been to london twice, so maybe I can find some printed london photos for you! (otherwise I could always email them, if you're interested!) And I'll look for some photographs of Holland, to make your wall multi-cultural ;)

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