Wishes 09

Hey i'm Lisa, i'm 21 from Scotland. This will be my third year taking part and i can't wait to grant some wishes/have some of mine granted this time! I couldn't think of much that i wanted this year but here goes...

1. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. I'm not fussy about which scents! Anything from B&BW i would love.
2. Lucky Charms cereal. Sadly not available in the UK but i really love it.
3. Lip balms of any sort. I love to collect them.
4. Candy/chocolate. I love fruity candy and for chocolate i like white, milk and dark but not fond of anything with nuts. Oh also fruity gum!
5. Savory snacks like Goldfish crackers.
6. I think what i want most is someone to do makeup/beauty swaps with somewhere outside of UK . There's loads of brands/products i'm missing out on cause i live here.
7. Grant a wish for someone else!


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LOL, someone else that wants Lucky Charms! I guess I will send you some too while I'm at it. :D
Another bath and body works junkie! Yay!!!! We need a support group. :D

Ahem, on the hand sanitizers, I could send some antibacterial moisturizing hand lotion. It might take awhile to get to you though since I'd be sending from the States.

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Haha yeah i love B&BW, it sucks that we don't have it here but i guess i'd be so poor if we did.
Link me to your wishlist?
I'm not really looking for anything specific, off the top of my head Sephora brand makeup and CO Bigelow lip stuff. I'm sure there's loads of interesting brands/products available in Asia that i don't even know about! I really just meant if someone was looking for UK stuff like Barry M, Gosh, Sleek etc we could swap.
I once put a box of lucky charms in my suitcase for my husband's best friend on a trip over. It was so ridiculous! :P
Actually, so you know in future, you CAN get Lucky Charms over here. Most of Selfridges' food halls stock them. They're not cheap, but they're available.
Like drugstore brand make up? I'm in Germany and lately have discovered the joys that are p2, Essence and Catrice - so much make up for so much less money.