Ten tiny wishes~

Hello! I go by the name RS. I'm 22, from Florida, and going for my massage therapy license sometime next year. :D This is my first time posting my list here and I'm hoping I can grant other people's wishes when I can~

I'm also a cosplayer (costume play; I basically make myself outfits as characters from various media and parade around at conventions) and I would really like things that would help me in my next cosplay, which will be Cosmos from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. But there’s other things, hehe. Anything on this list will make me love you forever! 8D

1. This wig in 613 Golden Yellow Blonde. I know it's a long shot, but it can't hurt to ask! I love Cosworx wigs since they're the only ones that fit all of my hair and over my giant head. xD

2. Glue, since I am the self-proclaimed glue queen, haha. Elmer's glue, hot glue, or superglue. Or any combination of the three. I use it a lot in my cosplay and it runs out pretty fast!

3. Gold paint, preferably spray paint, but any gold paint will do. And paint sealant, which I think usually comes in a can. xD

4. Clay - any kind that doesn't air dry and only hardens when you bake it. Sculpty and Polymer Clay are my favorites, but anything that meets those two criteria will do. :)

5. Hairspray! My favorite cosplay hairspray is got2b...Freezing Spray, I think it's called. Either that or anything super high-hold, but got2b is usually the best quality. ^^

6. Gift cards to Micheal's or Walmart, since I can get the above non-wig things there. :D

7. Paid time on this journal! I pretty much live on LJ, ahahaha. The 100 icon add-on would be nice too, but not necessary. /o/

8. Anything from my Amazon wish list, especially the books. Used is more than fine! ♥

9. Anything rainbow! Icons, artsy photos, jewelry, random accessories, shoelaces, whatever. xD; I love rainbow things if it wasn’t obvious and anything rainbow-colored makes me happy. ^^

10. A donation to Mylestone Equine Rescue or any equine rescue place. I’m just particularly partial to Mylestone since it was the first horse rescue I knew of. Not to mention that it’s in Jersey, my home state. ♥


RS (my family knows that's me!)
45 Caddy Road
Rotonda West, FL 33947

Thank you so much and happy holidays everyone! ♥
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From one Florida LMT to you, Best of luck with your State Boards. Make sure you study your Eastern Medicine really well. It was heavily done when I took mine.
Thank you! ^^ I'll certainly keep that in mind. Right now I'm so busy planning to go to this school that I don't have room in my brain for anything else. xD