Wishie wishie!!

Hi, my name's Robin and I live in North Carolina with my husband and two kitties. This is my third or fourth year participating in holiday_wishes , and I'm a little ambivalent about it because I don't have the means this year to grant as many wishes as I have in the past... but it's about the wishing for wishing's sake, right? So here are mine!

  1. BPAL - any sample imps you tried and don't want, I'd love to have! If I don't like them I'll pass them on to someone else :)
  2. Tea and tea stuff - I'm trying to lower my addiction to coffee, but a nice hot drink in the winter is a necessity. I don't know anything about tea so I have no preferences.
  3. Yarn - I'm a new knitter and learning about different types and weights so anything's welcome!
  4. Soft comfy socks - everyone loves socks, right? Even in NC it gets cold enough to want toasty toes!
  5. Windows 7 - Ok, this is my big crazy wish. I'm just putting it out there! My laptop hates Vista and I want Windows 7 really badly, but no way will I be able to buy it for a while!. Maybe I have or can do something to barter?
  6. Anything from my husband's Amazon List to make his holiday more fun, since he isn't posting a list of his own!
  7. Style me! I can't dress or accessorize or use makeup to save my life. Any help will be appreciated. I'm totally serious.
  8. Take a picture of yourself with the biggest brightest gaudiest decorated house in your town and send it to me!
  9. Volunteer your time in 2010- any group or cause that's important to you!
  10. Make a list of ten things that you love or appreciate or make you happy. Do this every day for 30 days. Try not to repeat the same things all the time, but repeating some if you have to is ok. At the end of the month email me and tell me how it went :)
My email address is tigrkittn at gmail dot com, or just leave a comment and I'll email you.

Happy wishing, everyone- I hope you all get everything you ask for and more!

Shoot me an e-mail with your address (tabbiewolf at gmail dot com) -- I've been looking for someone to give my spare imps to =)
I LOVE your #10! I am taking the challenge! Please send me a hello at apeystar@gmail.com mentioning the list!
are you on ravelry yet or are you planning on it? i'm fluffnspin over there if you join up, and it's a massive source of knitting info.
I'm there-- my username is ridikuluss. I've gotten totally lost for hours reading and looking at patterns!
I'd like to help with number 7, I like to think I'm good at such things, one of my dream jobs would be to be a stylist. I'll need a few details about you though like height, body type, skin colour etc a recent photo would cover it if you have one. Also let me know if you have a preferred era or idol or icon etc. If I have any accessories lying around which I think you'll like I'll pop them in the post. Email me if you're keen purplesneakers79 at gmail dot com
Thank you! That's awesome! I'll email you tonight with my details and a picture or two.
hahaha! I love your #8! And I'm actually not sure where I'll be able to find the gaudiest house in town, but now I have an excuse to find it! XDD

I also like your #10! I think I'll try that challenge! yosh! haha

would you mind sending me an e-mail with your address so I can send you the picture when I accomplish my missions? c=
Sure- although you can send the pic electronically too- that's fine! My email is tigrkittn at gmail dot com. Send me yours if you'd rather have my mailing address. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to hearing how #10 goes for you too :)
You want help with fashion? I gotcher fashion right here. ;D Oddly enough, I seem to be good at giving people advice on dressing themselves -- I'm especially good with people who are nervous that stylish means uncomfortable, having previously been a geek of the highest order. (Well, I'm still a geek, but now I'm a well-dressed geek.) I also do amateur cosplay and Halloween costume designs, so I'm familiar with a lot of different kinds of clothing and accessories, even the weird ones.

Shoot me an email at yumemisama at gmail dot com and tell me all about yourself -- how old are you, what do you look like, what do you want to look like, what do you think looks great on other people and what makes them look like deranged mental patients, that sort of thing. If it would make you feel better, I can point you at a few pics of me, so you can make sure that I don't dress like a six-year-old whose mother has given up either. =) I used to do modeling, a few years back, so as a bosus I can give you a few tips on how to pose for photos so that you actually look like you.
I believe I did something similar to #10 last year, or tried to. I love the idea, I'm going to do it again. :D
Yay! Please do let me know how it goes, if there are any unexpected changes in your life during that time :)
Wow, our lists have some similarities, don't they. :)

I can definitely cook up some kind of surprise for you. Email your address to s_ings at yahoo dot com and I'll send something your way.

Sadly, the gaudiest house in town is pretty far from me by public transit. :(
Address on its way! And I can relate to the public transit thing- I just got a car in June for the first time in four years!

And I love surprises too!
I'll send you some tea! It's what the British are good for ;-) Email me? brandi.french@gmail.com and remind me it's about tea? <3
BPAL and Yarn, can do!
can you send your address, and what i said i would send you, to
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com

any colors you hate? love?
any scents you really like/dont?