My first lonely christmas

Well, after a long relationship ended this year, i moved to DC. I dont really know anyone and can't really seem to find the Christmas spirit, but saw this and was excited! I'm going to try and grant others people wishes since i have no one else to celebrate with! This is so much fun!

1. Art related to my dolls! I can't draw well but i could love to see any of my dolls in art ( their pictures can be found all over Greybill_girls ) or even any bjd goodies you might have. Id love to do a dollfie gift trade even!

2. Perfume. Even if its a half used bottle, or a scent you bought and maybe didn't like. I collect perfumes. I love them!

3. Gorillaz fanfics or arts, or really anything Gorillaz related. I adore them to the point i have a 2d tattoo!

4. any digital copies you might have of the new Dr Who, or early episodes of NCIS link are good too! ^^

5. My amazon wishlist, tho it's a long shot.

6. Bubble Wands. Traffic sucks in DC, I keep bubbles in my car and blow them out the windows in traffic. Makes people smile.

7. Surprise me! I love surprises and i never seem to have any in my life! I'm a seamstress, into punk rock, and video games. I read, i write, i dance so anything you think i might make my day a little brighter, send it along!

8. Punk rock music! burn me a CD of all your fave punk songs! of maybe your bands CD! Music RAWKS!

9. make a contribution to HIPS Helping Independent Prostitutes Survive. And don't forget to help protect your local, independent, sex worker, prostitute, or porn model!

10. It's a long shot, but an electic blanket. I just moved here from texas with no man to keep me warm! an electric blanket would be just the thing i need. Gently used is ok!

aim: howmuchineedyou
snail mail: Shelley / 311 15th street NE / washington, Dc / 20002
9th Doctor or 10th? Are you caught up with the series? I can send stuff you've seen or not,if you aren't, just let me know what you'd prefer.
I love wish number 6!!!! Thats brilliant. :) Im not sure if I can grant it yet, but I will try!!!
I'm going to try to grant #6 because I LOVE that idea! :D
as for #8, what kind of punk rock are you interested in? hardcore punk? pop punk? post-punk? maybe if you could list some bands you like then that could give me an idea...
Let me know!
I'm fairly certain I can help with the bubbles. My roomie went through a phase where he was obsessed with them, I'm fairly certain there are some in the attic. I'll look for them today when I bring the tree down :)