Make A Wish!

Hi! My name is Nashay, I'm a 25 year old artist and City Year corps member (it's a program of AmeriCorps, for those who aren't familiar with it) from Pennsylvania. For the past few years, my holiday joy has been, well, nonexistent, for many reasons. I remember a time when I really loved the holidays and I want to try to recapture that abundant joy...

I love dolls, stuffed animals, art, t-shirts with quirky or funny sayings on them, and music of all kinds. Here goes!

A Sonali doll, from American Girl. She is a limited edition, only available until the end of the year, and I'm so afraid I won't be able to get her... I've wanted one all year!

Someone to help me create a website for my art. I have created a community here on LiveJournal, an Etsy shop, and a fan page on Facebook (if you want me to link to them, just ask, and I'll do so in the comments), but most artists have a website to link all of these things together. I think it will help when I try to approach galleries about showing my work...and make me me more viable as a professional artist.

I'd like to be able to afford to take a class or two at my local community arts center, Fleisher Art Memorial. I miss having a dedicated space to make art and other people with whom I can exchange ideas and critiques.


A subscription to Juxtapoz Magazine. It is one of my favorite art magazines!

Magazines I could cut up and use in collages (National Geographic, fashion magazines, any will do, the more variety, the better!). If it helps, I prefer to use images, not text, in my artwork.

World of Warcraft pre-paid cards. It's a massive time suck, but hey, it's fun!

A plane ticket (or unused frequent flier miles) to visit my girlfriend. We've been in a long-distance relationship for about two years now, and we've never actually visited each other due to the cost of airfare. She's about 2,000 miles away, in the Seattle, WA area.

Art Supplies (I have a list on; search under my name [Nashay Jones] and city and state [Philadelphia, PA]. I don't know why, but my name comes up twice, and one of those is a blank list)


Gift cards (American Girl, Visa gift cards, Target gift cards)

Anything from my wishlist (in relatively good condition, please!)

Oh, and if you'd like to contact me, send me an email at lilflutterbychild at gmail dot com... Happy holidays!
I can't fulfill any of your wishes, but I'd like to say that you rock for doing the City Year project.
While cruising through your Amazon list, I noticed that you would like a copy of Amelie.

Do you still want a copy, slightly used? If so, PM me a shipping address and it's yours!
i have magazines. i cut out some images for MY work, but there are still plenty left. most of them are fashion, but its something.. and i live in philly! cause it really isnt worth mailing old magazines, they are heavy...
maybe we could meat at Pearl Art supply on south street or something?

i work reversed schedules... weekends i work, during the week i dont usually....
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com