merry christmas & may all your dreams come true ;-)

WHO I am XiaoMin, 16 and petite (funsized!). Perfectionist but a procrastinator. Sometimes I see the glass half full, sometimes half empty. xox. This is my second year with Holiday Wishes. It had been a wonderful experience last year, sending and receiving gifts. I hope I'll have just as much fun, love and joy as I did last year! Feel free to leave links to your wishlist and I'll see what I can do for you in return.

10.Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque I have one tube in the house which I bought from I like it alot but it is not available in Singapore. I really would be grateful to have more backups of it :D

09.Forever21 items Currently Forever21 is my favourite store. I like everything from there, be it apparels or accessories. FYI: I'm a Forever21 XSmall/Small for tops and dresses and a size 24 for their bottoms. It'll be a sweet surprise! ;D

08. NYX Round Lipsticks Any color would be fine! I want to experiment with more lip colors in a bid to figure out what suits my lips more (: I do know of people who do major NYX round lipsticks haul. So, if you have any colours that simply fail to work for you, I would love to receive them, thanks lovely!

07.Drugstore Mascaras Once again, I find it fun to try out new cosmetics items!

06.MAC Sample Sizes I am still a student so MAC still falls under the 'Splurge' section for me. Still, there is simply SO MUCH HYPE ABOUT IT ONLINE ): If you can mail over samples, Christmas would be really really really perfect! Yes, this has been a long-term wish of mine. But most of my friends ain't into makeup yet, so I have nobody to request this from D: Hopefully, some kind souls can help out? <3

04.Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush lipgloss Exact same reason as that of Wish 7 + this is not available in Singapore + Heard lots of raves about this beauty product! :))

03.Body Bakery Whipped Cream I bought one from in Mango Sorbet and ohmygawd, it is freaking damn heavenly! The scent is still so mhmmmm :D LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. And I hope to have more of this. My Mango Sorbet one is going to run out SOON D:

02.School Supplies HIGH SCHOOL IS STARTING SOON. I like cute (but not nickelodean sort) stationaries. More of Fredflare, Knock Knock type of stationaries.

01. Have an enjoyable and unforgettable 2009 Christmas with your loved ones <3