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1. Fandomish stuff - Fanfic/fanart/fanvids/etc. I'd love anything based off the fandoms/pairings I have listed in my profile. Something made just for me would be cool, but I'd more than happily take recs.

2. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) perfume oil - My likes/dislikes can be seen here. Bottles are awesome, but I know imps are more likely and wonderful too. :)

3. Tea - I love tea and love to try new varieties.

4. A Beta - I have horrible luck with betas (both finding and keeping), and I'm involved in so many fandoms that it's hard to find someone that's willing to beta for more than one. Please let me know if you'd be interested. My current fandoms are listed in my profile.

5. Books - For fiction I like romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. For non fiction I like things like psychology, gender issues, sexuality, sociology, anthropology, culture, etc. There's no need for new books. Used are more than wonderful.

6. Fantasy stuff - books, figurines, posters, whatever

7. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist

8. Unique thinks from other countries. Or even something that's considered mundane in another country, but would be unique here in the US.

9. Star Trek the Orignal Series - on DVD. Unlikely I know. :)

10. Steampunk Purse - A bit of an odd request, but I've been thinking of having one made for ages. When I think of steampunk I think of silver/copper/brass metal, worn leather and cloth, gears and keys.

For my address please e-mail me at heeroluva@hotmail.com
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Heya! I can do a fanfic for you! I can do any of these series-

any of them you wanna see the most?

Also I can help beta! ^_^ (Out of fandoms those listed above are the ones I can do- I can also do Harry Potter (though I can't write it too good still...))
That's awesome. Thanks so much.

I'd love to see some Naruto actually set in the same time and setting as the series is in. It's been a bit depressingly lately searching through fic from that series when the majority of it seems to be high AU and similar things. Don't get me wrong AU is good from time to time, but I want what drew me to the series to begin with, not a different setting and time where the characters have the same names, but other than that have nothing similar at all to the original series.

I'll have to go back and check but I'm pretty sure I've had all my House and NCIS fics beta'ed. I may have an Inuyasha one that isn't. It's a crossover with Buffy (though you don't really need to know anything about the show imo) and is short, if you'd be interested.
Oh awesome! I'll come up with something for ya!

Also anything you need beta'ed I'm totally happy to help out with! ^_^
BPAL, not floral? it says you dont do rose..
uh, you could send me ANY rose you dont like.... i LIVE on Rose red every year.

i may be able to make you a steamy purse.. but not until well after xmas.
can you send me a email with your address, and what i said i could send you.... (because my brain is always a bit confused) to
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com?