Wish list

Hi, everyone, and happy holidays! I'm Stephanie (or just Stef), I live in the glorious Mid-Atlantic, and this is probably my favorite time of year! Here be my wish list for this year's holiday season.

1. Handmade Goodies - Be they clay figures, beads, soap, books, paper, greeting cards, plush toys, blankets, knitted or crocheted goodies, mix CDs, whatever! I love something that someone has put their heart into...and yes, I am already a big fan of Etsy! This one, feel free to surprise me...you can check my interests list if you want to get more specific.

2. Anteater Stuff - Anteaters are my favorite animals, but finding anteater-related things is tough. Basically anything anteater-related would be pretty awesome.

3. Tea - Loose leaf or bagged, especially if it's from a local tea shop and not available anywhere else. I don't like mint, but other than that, I'm up for trying anything.

4. Bubble Bath - Baths are my relaxation, my quiet little escape from the hardships of the world (which, believe me, have been building up lately!)…lighting a candle and opening a new book while immersed in bubbly hot water is one of my favorite things.

5. Kitchen Stuff - Cookie cutters (especially unusual shapes), cookbooks and recipes especially. Do people still even make recipe cards? Because recipe cards are awesome. Even just an e-mail or comment with a few favorite recipes would be pretty cool.

6. Books - Be it a favorite or just something you picked up at a yard sale...I love diving into a good book, be it a graphic novel, non-fiction, cookbook, science fiction, fantasy, or otherwise. All books are awesome...I've just gotten into Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series and I'm loving it.

7. Be Kind To Retail Employees - This is our hardest time of the year, and we know it's stressful to be shopping for the holidays (the parking lots, the crowds)...but if you can at least fake a smile instead of taking your bad day out on us, we would appreciate it more than you can believe.

8. Volunteer Your Time - At a library, at a school, at a health care clinic, at a rally, at a shelter, at the SPCA, at your work, wherever. Or not even an organization: babysit for a friend for a few hours and let them have a nice dinner out with their significant other, bake some cookies and bring them into your workplace, help a friend with their homework, be a shoulder to lean on every once in a while. Reassure me that people out there are still willing to help others without the promise of monetary reward!

And of course, 9. Holiday Cards are always appreciated =)

My mailing address:

Stephanie Krus
PO Box 4054
Annapolis, MD 21403

And my e-mail: tabbiewolf at gmail dot com

Thanks so much! I'm wishing everyone the best for this holiday season!
Thank you for asking people to be kind to retail employees. I am one, and it sucks this time of year. Have you ever seen screen shots from Mario Galaxy for the Wii? I know how to make the Lumas (the fat little star critters), I've made a few for my son and myself. I could make one for you if you like! I have blue and black material right now.
This is my third holiday season as a retail employee (thankfully I'm not in a mall this year) so I know we all get the brunt of the holiday anger...I know I do my best to smile and say thanks to all the employees at the stores I shop with. I'm hoping others will follow suit!

And a Lumas would be absolutely adorable, I would love one! You can choose the color (both are equally cute). Thanks so much!
Awesome! I gotta find my pattern pieces so I can get to work on it. I think I'll do black with blue eyes. I will hopefully be able to send it out before christmas, but I hope you dont mind if it is a little late. It will have a Christmas card with it too!
i'm working on my clay animals right now! i'd love to make you an anteater. :)
Absolutely on #7. I worked at Kmart in high school. I still remember being bitched at by a lady after I cracked the face of her father's watch. It certainly wasn't on purpose, but really? Trusting something that valuable to the 18-year-old behind the jewelry counter at Kmart the week before Christmas? (She did later apologize to me. Good for her.) So yeah, I definitely try not to take it out on retail folks!
Oooooh, chocolate...totally one of my weaknesses. Yes, please, if you would like to include some! =)
Thanks you for Number 7. I've been working in Retail since I was 18 (I'm nearly 23 now), and there's nothing that can ruin your day more than a grumpy customer!

Also, I'd like to grant one of your wishes. I can definitely send you a card, but I have a lot of books lying around. What are your favorite genres and authors?
I love the holiday season, but working a retail job makes me question my love of it every year. Hopefully, if we're just quiet and thoughtful, something will change one day!

As for books, I read pretty much everything. Like I said I've just gotten into Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series, and I'm a big fan of Douglas Adams (though I already have all his books), so I suppose science fiction and fantasy count for genres I like. I'm also a big fan of Nick Hornby, Tom Robbins, Carl Hiaasen, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, Garrison Keillor, Neil Gaiman...

It's basically hard to find a novel that I won't read ;)

I'm a fan of non-fiction too, from political science to autobiography to studies about pop culture and the progress of Generation Y.

So, I wasn't kidding when I said I love all books =) Pick a favorite, or one you'd just like to get rid of, and I'll be happy to enjoy it!

Thanks a lot!
Tamanduas come close, but unfortunately, not really.

(I'm a big fan of stripes, personally...but then that'll get into a whole 'nother hobby of mine...)