HezmanaGirl's Holiday Wishes

Howdy fellow Holiday Wish-ers! This is my third year participating in holiday_wishes and I'm excited to be back again granting wishes. Last year my daughter helped me out and it was a great experience for her so *fingers crossed* we'll have a repeat!

My Holiday Wishes are for my kids.

For my twelve year old daughter:

1) She is an avid artist & journal-fan and would love blank books to sketch in. She is quite enamored with Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers,Bakugan, Doctor Who and Mamegoma so if you could find her a notebook or even stickers to put on a notebook she would love it.

2) Kawaii pencils and erasers. (see above)

3) Funky socks. She purposely mismatches her socks and loves doing it! More power to her.(She wears a women's size six shoe so even small women's socks will fit her)

4) Chapstick. She is addicted to chapstick. Any flavor and she loves it!

5) Bubble gum. She can blow a triple bubble that I have yet to beat! Any flavor.

For my six and a half year old son:

6) He is a very, very, bright boy who also happens to be autistic. He loves to read comic books it can keep him calmly entertained for a long time! Any kid friendly comic books would be fantastic. Previously used is fantastic too.

7) Art. He loves to do the Crayola Color Wonder coloring books. Another thing that keeps him busy for a long time and is easy to clean up.

8) Hats. They are a part of his daily life. Baseball, stretchy, Peruvian, whatever. He loves 'em.

9) Lego PC games. He totally rocks at Lego Star Wars and I'd love to find him more. (Our computer is Vista 64-bit and for some reason Lego doesn't make a bunch that work for it.)Again, used it great.

10) Kid's music. A personal mix, soundtrack to a movie, anything you have he would love it.

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season and remembers to Pay It Forward. Even leaving a penny at the pony ride at the grocery store can make a person's day!

Please contact me at hezmanagirl at yahoo dot com for our snail mail. We'll do our best to return the kindness.
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The fact that your daughter loves Doctor Who has officially made her the most awesome 12-year-old ever!!

If you could, email me your snail mail address at hamsonthestreet@yahoo.com
I think I have something for each of them. Message me with your adress?