Wishes 2009

Hi all. Thought I would try this again this year. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

A little about me, I'm 25, from the Lake George region of New York, I have a five year old son, and work retail to support him. I'm a creative person who loves to make jewelry and paint.

So, here's my wishlist:
1. Foxes!: I LOVE foxes. I have several plushies, a few pieces of artwork, and this really awesome wooden puzzle made of this red hardwood that is a fox. I even have a tattoo of a fox, one of red fox pawprints, and one that is japanese writing with fox ears and tails. So, if you have a plush, or a cool picture, or you draw animals, I'd love to have it. I'm especially interested in any wood carvings, as the puzzle I mentioned lives on the top of my bedroom door frame, and I want to give it some company. If you have digital photos, send them to my email at the bottom of the entry. Physical photos, just send them along.

2.Samsung Reclaim or Palm Treo 755p for Sprint: I'm not talking brand new. If you have either of those phones, in any of the available colors, that you no longer use, I'd be glad to take it off your hands, as long as it works, you have the charger (manual and accessories are nice but not necessary) and there isnt a lot of damage. (I dont give two hoots about cosmetic damage, as long as the screen is fine). I want to have an extra phone or two for my account so I can switch them when I want to.

3. Palm Pre or Palm Pixi for Sprint: Hey, gotta have something big in there. Its good to make at least one big wish a year.

4.Gift Cards for myself and my son: For him, Toys R' Us, Target.
For me: Amazon.com.
Any little bit is great.

5. Shaun the Sheep: Off The Baa DVD: My son LOVES Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. He wants this DVD, Off the Baa, but I cannot find it for him. If you have a copy or can get one, he would love this.

6. A pen pal: I love to send and receive snail mail. I would really like to have someone to write back and forth with. USA, outside the US, doesnt matter as long as you want to write back and forth with some amount of frequency.

7.Tag Reader books/cards or Leapster games: My son has both a Tag Reader and a Leapster 2. He has several titles for both but he is always asking for new games and books. I can let you know which ones he has for either or both. This would be greatly appreciated, as these systems keep him occupied anytime there is a wait or we are doing something that just isnt interesting to a five year old. He has ADHD and these are one of the few activities he will sit down and focus on whether he has had his meds or not.

8. Educational software for kids: Anything fun that helps kids with their cognitive development, and especially reading skills. He will sit for hours at my laptop using the educational games he has and the ones on the PBS, PlayHouse Disney, and Nick Jr. websites. I can tell you what software he has. Anything would be appreciated.

9. LEGO Creator Highway Transport 3-in-1 kit: He has a LEGO catalog and has told me repeatedly that he wants this. I keep telling him to write it on his wish list for Santa. Its a big ticket item, but I just can't afford it. If someone (or a couple someones together) would get this for him, I'd be delighted.

10. Old jewelry: Specifically, old beaded necklaces and bracelets. Especially anything made of crystal, glass, or stone beads. I make a lot of jewelry, and I'm always looking for more beads. I love to repurpose old things and come up with creative ways to use the beads.

I'd actually like to be surprised, so don't tell me what you are sending.. If we happen to get extras of anything, I will be sure to spread the good cheer and pass them along to other people.

If you want to be a penpal, please go ahead and send me a letter or card or whatever!

Contact info:
AIM - InquedFox
HeatherBeads AT gmail.com

Heather Barrow
37 New St Apt A
Glens Falls NY 12801
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These are the foxes that lived in my yard last spring. We hope to get a new family next spring.

This is her baby

There is also a BIG family of black foxes with white tip tails a few blocks away, but they are difficult to capture in film.
I can do # 6 I haven't had a pen pal in ages. I guess in these times where I have gotten loss in the ease of e-mail that I have forgotten how wonderful a letter could be.

So I would be delighted to be your pen pal.

I can send you a card with a little note in it as my first letter to you is that okay?

My address is with my wish list if you need it.

That would be awesome! Feel free to send away! Dont know if my address was up there when you replied before. Can't wait to get some mail!
If you are still looking for a snail mail/pen pal, I'm up for it!
#1: I would love to make you a fox themed ATC or a bigger piece if I can find bits for it. If that is something you are interested in.