i'm kayla. a 19 year old college student from michigan. i've done this for a couple of years now. i love being able to make someone else's holiday a little happier. :)

as for my wishlist...well, here goes nothing!

1. snailmail. like many others have posted, i LOVE getting things in the mail, especially from other countries. :)

2. crafting supplies. most especially scrapbooking stuff, clay, and paint. or if you have any gift cards to michaels/jo ann fabric/hobby lobby laying around that you're not going to use, that would be AWESOME. :D

3. interesting pictures/paper scraps. from magazines, pictures you've taken, newspapers, kid's books, old sheet music...things along those lines. i love making collages, but i never seem to be able to find anything i'm allowed to tear up. :P

4. stamps. i think i like sending snail mail more than i like getting it...but being in college = me being poor and not having money to buy such things very often. :(

5. mix CDs. i love finding new music to listen to. maybe some of your favorites could be mine, too!

6. russian stuff. i'm learning the language now, and i'm planning on minoring in it, and i would love anything. ads, newspapers, books, random knick knacks. that would be super cool.

7. earrings. especially handmade. :)

8. sims 2 expansion packs for PC. if you don't play anymore, and you've got them lying around, i'd be more than willing to give them a home. most especially the ikea stuff disk!

9. zune HD. yeah, i know this won't happen. but it's SO shiny, and i REALLY want one. :(

10. go find one of those christmas trees to donate a toy to a kid in need and do it! it makes me so sad to know that there are going to be kids out there who won't have anything this christmas. even more so this year with the awful economy. go make some kid's world a little bit better. :)

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I spent a winter in Siberia several years ago, so I'm sure I can find some Russian bits to send you. Sadly, it won't be the last bottle of Russian vodka or the last tin of caviar I brought back, but it will cool...I promise!
I did in fact buy one of those trees :P and I donate to toys for tots is that okay?

i'll be your penpal, if you'd like! just let me know.
I've emailed you. Hope you like it!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!