Wishing Upon a Star...

My name is Jessica. I’m 27 years old (already? lol) and I live in Ohio. I’m currently unemployed and doing what I can to make the best of the times. I’m also going to be trying to make some wishes happen for others despite the harder times financially. I love scrapbooking and making greeting cards, as well as cooking and baking. My tastes on things are really all over the place.

1. A job in childcare somewhere in the NW Ohio area – I have been out of work, aside from babysitting and the like, since July. It was by my own choice due to circumstances beyond my control, but the difficult economy has been making job hunting that much harder
2. Cricut cartridges – I adore my Cricut and would love to have more cartridges. Any would be great, but I already have the following: Sweethearts, Home Décor, Wild Card, Stretch Your Imagination, Plantin Schoolbook, Animal Kingdom, Stone Script, Doodlecharms, Everyday Paper Dolls.
3. Scrapbooking supplies – Because of #2 above, I am also in need of any supplies for scrapbooking. Be it cardstock (plain or patterned), glue or other adhesives, or embellishments of any kind.
4. Gift cards to places like Wal-Mart or a crafting store
5. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist – I’ve had some of the stuff on there for years, and it’s still waiting to be purchased, either by myself or someone else.
6. More traffic and word of mouth advertising for my website – I started selling some of the greeting cards and will soon be adding molded crayons that I’ve been making to try to make a little bit extra money. A friend of mine will be selling some of her jewelry there. We could use some extra traffic and word of mouth advertising. Unfortunately we only ship within the US – we are also in the process of updating and overhauling, so there may be some delay in when we have new items posted.
7. Any old crayons that are taking up space at your house – See #6. I melt down old crayons to make new ones.
8. Surprise me! – Surprises are amazing. It can be anythinng...Just surprise me!
9. Donate to a local charity that will help local people – Could be donating time, money or other resources – whatever they need and you are able to give. There are so many people who need things this holiday season (and any other time of the year!) that anything you can do to help would be appreciated I’m sure.

E-mail me if you have any questions at chica_del_padre@yahoo.com.

Jessica Z
13340 Center St.
Weston, OH 43569
I donate my time and some funds to my local homeless and animal shelter. Also donate to my local food bank is that okay?

I remember you from a Cricut community. You are the amazing person that convinced me to purchase the cricut.

Sadly we are still saving up for it. But your glowing reviews and which cartridges are the best was very helpful.
Glad to see you're making a difference :-)

And the Cricut is seriously amazing. It makes my life so much easier with card making and scrapbooking and such.
Re: #1

Have you heard of Sittercity.com? It is a completely free site where you can make a profile and search for parents who are looking for childcare. My last 4 jobs have been through Sittercity and they have all been wonderful.

Hope this helps! :-)
If all goes well, an awesome book from amazon will be shipped to you either tomorrow or Friday. :)
You will have something coming from me in the mail. Watch for it this month!
I will be sending out a card with some surprises for you this week!
I got your card today. Very cute and thank you for the scrapbooking things. They're too cute :-)
So I bookmarked your page ages ago, and I only recently got around to look at it! Our house has an entire drawer full of old crayons, and I have bagged them and am sending the whole lot to you from Tennessee :) Happy (late) holidays!! <3