Is it that time already?

Well, yes, I know it is. The snow on the ground, the growing list of wishes I'm going to grant, the nearly complete holiday shopping and the pile of baking supplies in my kitchen all tell me that Christmas is coming faster than I can believe!

My name is Sheryll (as is obvious from the unimaginative user name) and I've been kicking around this community since the beginning. Decorating my tree yesterday, the lovely ornaments sent to me over the years by fellow community members reminded me that, while I've gathered a list of wishes to fulfill, I had not posted a list of my own. Guess it's about time I got around to it.

Without further ado: I want Alan Rickman for Christmas. Oh, wait, you want a serious list, something that's actually possible. Okay, here goes:

1. Handmade ornaments. With the exception of lights and tinsel, pretty much everything on my tree is handmade. It doesn't have to be something you made yourself, as long as someone crafted it lovingly by hand. Doesn't have to be new, either. I'm much in favour of regifting.

2. Yarn. Yeah, still not making much beyond scarves, but I donate all the extra ones to a local homeless shelter. Your scrap yarn could help keep someone warm during a cold Canadian winter.

3. Socks. One can never have too many socks. Anything except sports socks. Holiday designs most welcome. I work at a video store and some of the kids who come in regularly know I try to wear a different pair of Christmas socks for every day in December. Some of mine are old and wearing out. I wear a ladies 7-9. Or a size large will do.

4. BPAL. Yes, a popular wishlist item this year from what I've seen on other lists. Have an imp you didn't like? Pass it this way. Any gender neutral scents are good, too, as I share those with my husband. He's a big fan of Juke Joint, says the women at work follow him around when he wears it. :)

5. Books. That's pretty general, so I'll add that my current reading tends towards YA, fantasy and food essays. Reading about food is next best thing to eating. :D

6. Magazines. Looking for old Life magazines, pre-1985. Anything you can bear to part with.

7. Food/drink. No holiday is complete without treats. Any type of snack will do as long as it doesn't contain nuts, seeds or whole grains. It's a dietary restriction, not an allergy, so if something says it may contain traces of or have come in contact with nuts, that's okay. I can eat those. Chocolate is always good and if you send me Reese's Sticks I'd be eternally grateful (if they're still available in Canada it sure isn't anywhere near me). Have an unusual flavour of potato chip? I'll try it. Chocolate covered ants? Yeah, I'll try those, too! I'm up for pretty much anything. Coffee? Tea? Sure, have to have beverages with all the holiday baking I'm doing.

8. Candles. Any size, scent or colour. I love candles. Need I say more?

9 - the BIG request. Harry Potter Lego. Used if fine. Missing a few pieces if okay, too. Cost too much to send it? I'll help with the shipping if you've got PayPal.

10 - the EASY request. Snail mail. Holiday cards, postcards, anything that fits in my mailbox is most welcome.

Since I've never been shy about sticking my address out there, and it makes it easier for folks to surprise me, here it is:

Sheryll Townsend
1-3 Lowrey Street
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 2S5

A big shout-out to glowing_dragon, whose card and lovely bookmarks arrived before I'd even given much thought to a wishlist. Thanks so much! Already using the bookmarks. :)

*waves at all the familiar faces and wanders into the kitchen to start the holiday baking*
I can SO identify with the socks thing!! My otherhalf used to work in the local mental hospital as a pharmacist tech and patient drug dispenser... he had to wear a nice boring lab coat and nice shirts... but he would deliberately wear VERY brightly coloured t-shirts under them- so the patients got to LOVE it- coming up just to see what colour shirt he was wearing! It brightens the day, doesn't it?

He is also an Avid knitter, so I will have him find some stashes of yarn for you- we can send a package sometime next week, I think! :) Maybe I can even find socks to go in it!
Your other half has the right idea! I get so tired of the uniform shirt with black pants that Christmas socks are a welcome relief from the monotony. :)

I checked out your wishlist. Not sure if we have any left at work, but I'll see if there are still a couple PS2 games kicking around.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to send much out this year, besides cards and postcards (I'm going out of the country for two weeks, which is going to seriously limit any shopping/shipping time) but I would like to offer a book rec, if you haven't already read it- Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. She's a food critic and she writes about her experiences and the descriptions of the food in this book are superb. You can practically taste them.
OMG, I loved that book! I've been searching in vain for others by her but, so far, no luck.

Do you have a wishlist I could take a look at?
She has another one- my mother just lent it to me to read, called Tender at the Bone which is all about her childhood and learning to cook, etc. I've not read it yet, but Garlic and Sapphires was so good, this one can't possibly be bad.

I never made a wishlist. I'm much better at fulfilling wishes than I am at making them. Plus I can't possibly imagine what I want or need! Thank you for thinking of me though, that in and of itself is a gift enough. (boy that sounded really
Naw, that didn't sound insipid at all! I spend a great deal of my time and effort simply sending things unannounced to people who provide their addresses. Oddly, it's more fun than shopping for my family. :)

Do let me know how you like Tender at the Bone. I'm still hoping to add that to my collection as soon as I can justify adding more books to my ever growing 'to read' pile (which now had an entire bookcase of its own).
Yeah, I agree, it is more fun. Also, this is my first year in this comm, so I feel like I ought to fulfill some wishes before I start making my own.

I will let you know about Tender at the Bone. It is on my pile of books to read too though, so no promises when I'll make it to it! :)
If you email your address to me at s_ings at yahoo dot com, I'll add you to my list as well!
I love your list! So many of these I read and I know I can't do anything for, but you...!! Bwahaha! Package shall be forthcoming :))
I love surprises!

I know what you mean about reading lists and not being able to do anything. Love your icon, btw. We're a house with 4 cats. :)

Off to peruse your list.
Unfortunately, I don't have any books to send (I'm a library borrower), but I can leave you a recommendation of YA books by Donna Jo Napoli. She rewrites the old fairy tales...I especially loved her book "Bound" which is a Chinese Cinderella story, and I am currently reading "Beast", which is a Beauty and the Beast story set in Persia.

She is fairly prolific and, in my opinion, worth the read.
Oooh, a new author for me! Thanks, I'll look up her books on my next shopping trip.

I found your list and should be able to send a little something your way. :)
I can add you to my card list, and I can probably throw an imp or three your way too.

And I've just started on my handmade ornaments for this way, so I can probably get one of those your way too.
And snail mail back to you! Sorry for waiting so long to respond. I'm in retail, too, and we ended up having to inventory our entire store this month. *sigh*
hand made ornaments, and BPAl i can do that....
fair warning, my out of country mailing skills suck. apparently the postal gremlins dont like me.
just a word to the wise....
I don't think the postal gremlins like anyone at this time of year! Your package will be much appreciated no matter when it arrives. :)

I've finally had a chance to wander over to your list and will be sending something you way.