2009 Wish List for Lylith

Greetings and salutations. This is my second year here at holiday_wishes. I had a lot of fun fulfilling as many wishes as I could last year. My name is Miri, I'm 39 and I live in San Jose, CA with my boyfriend and our three kitties. If you're fulfilling something off my Wish List, please link to your Wish List so I can see if I can fulfill any of your wishes. Please email for my snail-mail address.

My 2009 Holiday Wish List is:

01] Donations to Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat. Money or items off their wish list. Or, if you're in their area [southern WI], become a member! It's really an amazing feeling when you feed a tiger or lion.

02] For people to shop through my site to help raise money for Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat. The money I get from the referral links goes to help care for the animals at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat.

03] Anything from my Amazon.com Wish List. Hopefully the link shows the items as sorted by priority.   =]

04] Plant a tree.

05] Tiger print stuff. I have a thing for tigers and I love tiger print items. Especially unusual items. Orange/brown or orange/black type tiger print [stripes not spots! - you'd be surprised how many people don't know] not the white/black zebra print.

06] A laptop. Any used laptop [PC] that works would be wonderful. My current laptop is probably around nine years old and is on its last days [sticker says "Made for Windows 2000," monitor has permanent lines, no battery, no internal (or external) CD/DVD rom drive, etc.].

07] Money to help pay my mounting medical bills. Paypal email is the same as my contact email. Any amount is extremely appreciated.

08] Adopt a shelter animal for its full life or donate time, money or items to your local shelter. Or, if you can, take in a stray or put food & water out for stray animals. Please spay/neuter your pets! Every little bit helps.

09] Gift cards for Lucky [grocery], CycleGear [!] and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

10] Please Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Contact & PayPal Email: miri AT lylith DOT com

Thank you, so very much.
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Wow, thank you! Amazon has all my shipping info and will send stuff to me. I'll check out your list.
Hubby and I plan to adopt an older shelter dog after Christmas. Thank you for the reminder to look out for our furry friends.
8. Our first dog and our current dog were shelter dogs. Our first one lived 15 happy years with us. Our current dog is passed out, sleeping happily in the hallway. Shelter dogs are awesome. We will probably donate to the local shelter again this year. =) We used to volunteer at the local shelter and I hope I can do so again when I have more time.

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My current cat was a stray that was thrown out at my grandmothers. My brother has a cat he got from a shelter. Best. Cats. Ever. My cat, I kid you not, will be 17 next year (January). Always been healthy - except for her fighting with other animals. Our last dog was a shelter dog. I miss her so much. She was a black spaniel thing and goofy! She was nuts. She was also a healthy animal. Those who say they don't want shelters animals because they're unhealthy - bologna. The dog was never sick - despite having kennel cough as a puppy. Love my shelter pets!
Shelter animal
I dont know if you will consider this an answer to this year's wishlist, but every animal we've had in my life, except the dog my parents had when I was born, has been a rescue. The two cats we had who both lived 11+ years, were dumped off, and all of our dogs have been from shelters or rescues. We've kept them until it was time for them to go to the rainbow bridge.
I adopted two dogs this summer -- one was a six year-old from a shelter in LA and didn't have much time left, and the other was a ca 7 month old puppy that was going to be abandoned and we rescued her before the owner could dump her. Ended up in tears, trying to convince my mother to take them home (we were visiting family in Los Angeles and were luckily driving back to Nebraska), but we did. Tried to convince her to take another one home, but we already had another dog and four was too much. Since then we volunteered at the animal shelter in Nebraska and she has continued since I left for Uni and has found homes for other dogs about to be put down. And I'm in the process of trying to get another shelter dog and turn it into a guide dog for myself. Plus I've promised myself that I will start volunteering at the animal shelter in Berlin once I get back from Christmas Break.

I don't have a wish-list, but thanks for the sentiment. I'm considering going into veterinary medicine so that I can take unadoptable animals and give them the care that they need to become adoptable -- I met a lot of dogs this summer who were injured or overweight.