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Hi there. I'll admit that I don't get on LJ often anymore, but I looked at the calendar and saw December 1st and realized it's time for Holiday Wishes. I always loved this community. I'm 20 years old, and a single mom of my 8 month old daughter, Melody. I live in Virginia and work at a Coffee Beanery and I'm sure like everyone else, my funds are currently a little stretched right now, especially because I just got my first apartment last month and I'm trying to make sure my daughter has a good Christmas. So, here's my wishlist. I'm going to try to grant some wishes to others here as well. I'm going to try to stray away from the monetary as much as possible but I'm guilty of needing/wanting a little extra material as much as anyone else.

1. Gaia Online Donations/Stuffs from Unused Accounts I love GaiaOnline, and so do a few of my best friends. I'd love if anyone here has enough gold to make a donation to me, OR if by chance you got into it years ago and have items from 2004 sitting in an inventory that are never used anymore... I'd love if you donated them to me. Seriously, you'd make my day. :} My username is Grand Theft Autumn for anyone who may feel like donating some of these things.

2. Paypal Donations to My Account I doubt I'll actually get these, or get many, but I can promise you that if anyone feels generous enough to donate, the money will either go to buying some type of furnishing/decoration for my apartment (it's empty right now, because I can't really afford to get anything nice for it yet) or buying my daughter some Christmas presents off Etsy. I figure if you help me out with a donation, I can help a stay at home mom who sells on Etsy buy her kids a few things too.

3. Postcards and Christmas cards Especially if you somehow have interesting postcards. I really love "kawaii" things and old movie actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. If you have postcards of these I'd love to get one. If you comment me, I'll include my address.

4. Handmade Things Such as soaps, CDs, knitted/crocheted things... anything nifty that's handmade, I'd love. If you have any "home" type items or even a painting you did yourself, that would be amazing as well! Again, I have an empty apartment with only a few pictures ect. on the wall so anything that could make it feel more like a home would be loved.

5. Data Discs of Seasons of Shows I have slow internet and even when I'm around wifi don't have the effort/time to make these. Even though I'm getting high speed soon, I'd still like to build a collection. Some shows I'd really love are House M.D., Fringe, The Mentalist, Sailor Moon, any good anime that I haven't seen [and I haven't seen much in a long time]... I'm sure I'll love it no matter what it is!

6. Guitar Picks This one's for the person close to my heart, honestly, so it's not for a girl... But so long as it's not pink and hello kitty, if you have some picks that are unused, sitting around, gathering dust, I'd love to make them part of his Christmas present. If someone by chance has a Batman guitar pick, that would make my day especially.

7. Eyeshadow and other makeup Eyeshadow I use the most, but any eyeshadow you have that you don't use or makeup you received as a gift that you'd like to "re-gift" that you don't like would be amazing. I'd like to build up a nice little collection in my apartment now that I actually have a bathroom to put things in (holy mess!), because before I only had what could fit in my purse...

8. Help from one or two of the many talented artists on LJ in designing a tattoo or two. I only have one gifted artist friend IRL, and she won't design tattoos, because she's afraid of them not turning out exactly like the person imagined. I am very accepting and lenient, and I love artists putting their own twists on things (but she refuses to believe this). Anyway, the shop I go to charges a LOT more if the artist who actually tattoos you has to draw your tattoo themselves. If you come in with a design already, even if it's not their flash, it ends up a lot cheaper than if they draw it. So, I have a few ideas for tattoos and I'd really love to try to save the money to get one for X-mas or a little after when I'm sure my daughter's Christmas is taken care of. I'd love to get a swallow, a cherry tree, my daughter's name or a quote/word in script. I have a few ideas and we can discuss it further! I'd really love someone who would put in the time to draw something up for me, maybe make a few edits if needed, and I'll be happy to take a photo of the completed tattoo and send it to you. It's always been a dream of mine to have a one-of-a-kind tattoo that no one else has that's drawn by a talented artist, I'd love if you help me make that dream come true.

9. Be kind to a child with Down's Syndrome. Please. If just one person does this, this will make my list worth posting. I have never been someone to discriminate, but I used to feel a little awkward around these special souls because I never was raised around anyone with a disability and my school had a very small number of disabled children (small school) who I never had the chance to interact with. This year, I finally got over that awkwardness after meeting my co-worker Ashley and her five year old son named Landen, who has Down's. When she brings him to our store, I absolutely detest the strange looks he sometimes gets or people who will purposely avoid him. He is one of the sweetest children I know, despite the fact that he progresses at a slower rate than most other kids. Please, if you can, don't give a child with Down's a weird look this holiday season. If you can find it in yourself, even say hi and just go up and talk to them. Perhaps you will learn, as I did, that these are some of the most loving souls you will ever meet, and even though they may not have all the same abilities as us, sometimes I think that they are lucky in a way, because they seem so much more loving and innocent than most other people. Your kindness will be appreciated. You'd be surprised how many people make off comments to her, from "I can't believe you actually kept him" to "Why would you want another child and risk having another with Down's?" when she says she wants more kids.

10. Used baby toys. In good condition, for babies around 9 months old to 12 months. My daughter will be 9 months in December and I'd love some extra toys for her to play with, she especially loves toys that light up.
Hi! I have sent you some gold on Gaia, as long as it worked! :)
I have makeup that's been gently used, that I'd love to regift, if it doesn't creep you out. Mainly, I'm talking foundation. I bought a couple of shades, tried it a handful of times (keeping everything as sterile and clean as possible), but then my skin tone changed a LOT and I decided to go a different route with some mineral makeup.
I also have a few shades of lipstick with the same story, though that's a bit wierder, I suppose, regifting slightly used lipstick.
And I have eyeshadow as well. Let me know which, if any, or all, you'd be interested in. Thanks!
What kind of shades are the foundation? And I'd absolutely love the eyeshadow! Lipstick and eyeliner are the only things I don't think I could take anyone up on pre-loved, because they do carry diseases. :( (Not saying you're diseased! We just all have to be careful!)
Despite not having had any disabled kids in my school nor having been raised around any at all (my dad being in a wheelchair doesn't count, as he was okay mentally) I am aboslutely in love with children with Down's. At a party last month I spent 4 hours holding a 9 week old girl with Down's. She was so precious. So don't worry, neither me, my husband nor my friends will shoot any of those angels a weird look.
Re: #9
Here's an uplifting story about Down's kiddos for you -
My daughter is currently in the 5th grade. irst day of school in second grade, she came home and told me there was a new kid in class, and he had Down's. We talked a little bit about him, and what was wrong with him, and how he was just another kid. he told me she knew all that, cause she was his special buddy. I told her it was nice of the teacher to do that, she said she ASKED to do that.
The next day, she told me he used sign language to communicate, and could I teach her how to spell his name. I taught her the signs for Jarrod. She practiced it all night. She said he was so excited the next day when she spelled "Hi Jarrod" he started shreiking.
A couple of weeks into the school year, they have an open house for the parents to meet the teachers and get teh cirriculum for the year. Jarrods mom sought me out, to thank me for Chryssi (my daughter). Tess had been worried about sending Jarrod to a mainstream school. Worried about the kids accepting him and what not. THe way my Chryssi treated Jarrod that first day, made every doubt leave her mind.
Chryssi & Jarrod are in different classrooms this year, but she still spends time with him at lunch and recess, and gives me updates on how he's doing, whenever I ask.
There is at leeast one Down's kiddo in St louis, who has a friend and protector for life in my daughter. She won't let anyone get away with being mean to him, in any way.
2 yeasrs ago my twin sons were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. spending the time she has with Jarrod, has made her tolerance and acceptance of her brothers and their disabilities better. She just may grow up to be an advocate for the disabled.
I have a bunch of brand new NYX shadows, if you want to PM me your addy and maybe an idea of what colors you'd prefer. I mean, I seriously have close to a hundred to choose from, so feel free to ask for what colors work best on you. :)

I also have a bunch of brand new NYX lipsticks (NYX had a huge lot sale a couple months ago and I went a little nuts and will never be able to use it all lol) so if you want some of those too, just mention what colors you'd prefer.

Merry Christmas!
9. Agreed. I have a cousin with down's syndrome. She wasn't projected to live long and has managed to make it through college and is doing great. I'm quite proud of her. In addition to this, I began working in a special ed classroom this year and have learned a lot about students with disabilities and myself.
I am so happy to hear that. <3 Medicine is progressing so much and giving the disabled and those with learning disabilities such a better quality of life, and so is awareness of the fact that they CAN do things, if we support them.
I'd love to send you a card, e-mail me your address: maitomies_d AT yahoo DOT com

*waves* I just want to say hello from a fellow Virginian. :D I live in Fredericksburg.
I can do #1 & 3

#1: I don't really get on Gaia anymore and I have 1 unused Thank You Letter from Dec 2008, I have some gold (about 2,000) and some other random items. I could just send you a bunch of things if you wanted.

#3: Could you eMail me you address (blazespirit@gmail.com). Be sure to put Holiday wishes and your username in the subject line.
The random items and such would be more than appreciated! My username is Grand Theft Autumn and if you start the trade, I'll accept it and then you can confirm it! :) I also emailed you my address. Please let me know if you also have a wishlist so I can try to do something in return.
i can send you a card, and MAY have some make up lying around... and if you can remind me after Xmas when my schedule clears up? i have art i never hang up...... i can mail that to you. its not a lot, but its something
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com
I can do #1 for sure. :) I have an account that's been around for a while. I'll definitely send some gold, and I'll go through my inventory and see if there's any older items I can send along with it.

And I try to be kind to everyone, but I will keep #9 in mind for you. :)

This is Catherine. You had said you would grant one of my wishes and I wanted to return the favor, even if it is just a card. However, I need your address! Could you please email it to me?


Happy Holidays!!
Please send me your Address? I have some lovely eye shadows I could send to you. Sylkenwhyspers@gmail.com

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