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I've been part of this community for a while and I enjoy it very much, so I'm back again.
my name is Carolina, I'm 23, I'm from Chile and I study English. I'm an anglophile and you can see this reflected on my list.

1.I wanna watch some classic doctor who but I'm finding it confusing.
so,I need someone to guide me or some recs on episodes/incarnations to watch or something like that and if someone has some eps to send me that'd be brilliant, since there is a lot of stuff to watch and I get lost on what's canon, what's expanded universe and all that.
I started watching with Rusty's remake and I'm afraid of it ending and that's part of the reason why I want to watch classic!who.

2.a diana f+ or an holga camera, if anyone's got maybe an old one or some tip or where to buy one it'd be great

3.Action figures or any other kind of fandom toys. any kind, even the ones that come with burgers at fast food joints.
I like Star Wars,Star Trek,Doctor Who,Marvel in general,Harry Potter,etc.

4.mixes. I always enjoy new music. my last.fm shows the music I like. my name sis okelay.some of my favourite bands at the moment are stars,snow patrol,faded paper figures,voxtrot,vampire weekend,the kooks, amoung others. if they have a theme like christmas or something like that it's good too.

5.I really want a UK flag. I've looked around and can't find one here.

7.check out this charities and maybe donate some money if you can

-Equality Now (http://www.equalitynow.org/)
-To Write Love On Her Arms (http://www.twloha.com/)
-Associations for International Cancer Research (http://www.aicr.org.uk/)
-Alzheimer's Research trust (http://www.alzheimers-research.org.uk/)
-Children in Need (http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/)

you can contact me at okelay@gmail.com
I don't know if this will help with the Dr. Who watching, but here is an episode list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_serials#First_Doctor

Personally, I think you could stick to just watching Tom Baker's portrayal and everything since then, which would mean starting in Season 12 (1974) and working your way through to modern day. Much though I LOVE Dr Who, the earliest incarnation of it was rather cheesy and had several bumps. Season 12 and beyond, while still cheesy, sets up the more serious plot canon, and character development stuff. Myself, I'll always be a David Tenant girl. ;)
David Tenant is a widely held favorite, no doubt. Still, I'd say start with Dr. 3 (Pertwee), in order to get a full taste of all the sorts of twists the show can potentially throw. Anything much before that, and you run into missing episodes. Pertwee was the Doctor when the colour transition happened as well, and that's kinda dramatic. If you start with Tenant, he kinda dominates the whole viewing experience from that point on, so it's a good idea to establish some sort of grounding before hand.

I must confess that I've always been fond of Dr. 7 (Sylvester McCoy).
4. Have you heard Shinedown before? I like some of the same bands as you and think you might like them. Also, I am going to be adding a new Christmas song to my blog playlist each day of December. You can keep up with it here: http://pamelamaclean.blogspot.com It will feature a playlist.com player.
Hi! I can easily fill your music mix wish-indeed, have some cover art!

I looked at your last.fm profile before making this-and I found we had a lot of musical tastes in common. (Hence the "like a house on fire"-according to last.fm our compatibility is pretty high. Not gonna lie, I wanted to high five you for Voxtrot-almost no one I know has heard of them.) I hope you like it! ^^

Like a house on fire.