My holiday wishes.....

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, or Cat for short. I’m a 24 year old college student living in Ohio, U.S. This is the first year that I’ve participated in this community and I think it is such a wonderful idea! I hope I can grant a lot of wishes, they may not be big ones, but I hope to spread holiday spirit.

A little about me: Like I said, I’m a college student. I’m getting my Bachelors in Art History with a Minor in Classical Civilizations. I’m a total geek about all that stuff; I love ancient art and, especially, mythology. I lived alone until I had another round of serious health problems, some that required surgery, this year and then my mom moved in with me. She and I are both disabled and money is tight a lot of the time, but we have each other (and my 2 furry children) so we always get by.

Well, on to my list:

1) Mail/”Snail Mail” / Postcards / Pen Pals: I would love mail! Holiday cards, postcards from your hometown/country, a letter just sharing some good and bad things of your year: anything! Even if you wanted to become pen pals that would be a lot of fun too! I don’t know any other language but English though.

2) Gift Cards: I would like Wal-Mart, Petco, or, but honestly, anything you want or can send is lovely.

3) Coffee: any and all flavors/varieties! (Instant, ground, whole bean, flavored types: anything!) I just adore coffee and am completely addicted to caffeine. Since caffeine is not illegal, your support of my addiction will be greatly appreciated.

4) “Pipe Dream” – Kindle: It is available on here. This would be the one big thing I would want for myself. I love books of all kinds but I can’t always carry a book(s) around campus with me or to all my doctor appointments because I use a cane and I just had carpal tunnel surgery; due to complications from that surgery I’ve lost all feeling in my hand and have limited movement of it. I would like this one because then I could get all the content through

5) Cricut® Machine: I think this would be another “pipe dream,” but this is actually for my mom. She loves to do crafts, of all sorts, and has wanted one of these since they came out. I would love to get her one for all that she has done for me but I don’t have the money. They can be found here. (That one is the original and the least expensive…I hope that doesn’t make me sound picky!)

6) Candy / Treats / Chocolates: I would love to try candy, chocolates, snacks, even sauces from all over the world (even other places in the US.) I used to live by a store called World Market. They had tons of food from all over the world: candy, chocolate, pasta, sauces, olives, you name it! I would love to try anything you would like to send.

7) Office Supplies: I love wide-ruled note books and every kind of mechanical pencil. I especially love the notebooks that have fun patterns on the cover, but any kind is great. If you have any wide-ruled note books with only a few pages missing, and you don’t want them anymore, I would love to take them off your hands!

8) Donate: I’m a sexual assault survivor and I still suffer from PTSD. I was helped quite a bit by the RAINN hotline, at The RAINN organization, Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, has many ways to help survivors, and one way is a 24 hour hotline that will connect you to a crisis center that is closest to you or to their own members. If you could donate to them or to your local rape crisis center that would mean the world to me and other survivors.

Edit: I forgot to add my addresses

Email -
Catherine Drew
480 Lehman Ave.
Apt. #208
Bowling Green, OH 43402
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1. If you want to send me an email with an address I could totally do some Snail Mail. I love writing little notes and I live in Harrisburg, PA. I think it would be great to keep in touch with another student just a little distance away.

6. Do cookies from a pastry chef work?
I would love to keep in touch with another student! My address is:

Catherine Drew
480 Lehman Ave.
Apt. #208
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Cookies from a pastry chef? are you kidding? Those would be AWESOME!!!!

Could you reply with a link to your wishes so I can try and grant some of yours? Thanks!
Catherine - {{Safe hugs}} for being a survivor. I wanted to alert you, and other readers, of a cool way to donate to RAINN: If you go here:

it gives a clickable list of many retailers (such as Amazon, Target, Old Navy, etc.) that donate to RAINN with every purchase made. :)
Thank you for the hugs and also for the info on the RAINN website. I only knew of donating on their website.
I work at Coffee Beanery and would like to send you some coffee. Email me at and let me know some of your favorite flavors and I'll see what I can do.
That would be great! Here is my address: (I forgot to put it in the original post)

Catherine Drew
480 Lehman Ave.
Apt. #208
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Can't wait to hear from you!!
I wanted to say that I you're amazingly brave. I'm a survivor as well- it's taken me a long time to come to the point that I can actually say it "out loud", and I know how much strength and courage it takes to get yourself back after that. I'd never heard of RAINN before, but I think I might see if they can offer me any help.

Thank you for being such a strong person, and putting that up on your list.

I'd like to send you a christmas card, too~
Thank you very much. It does take time. You just need to remember to be gentle with yourself, what was done to us was the worst thing that can happen to a human being (atleast in my opinion). What I've learned on my "journey" of healing, is that you are never the same persome you started as, but that is ok. As long as you think of yourself as a survivor and not a victim, that is the change you need to see in yourself.

Sorry if I seemed like I was preaching. I've just talked to alot of survivors and I know how hard it is. If you ever want to talk, you can email me at the address above, I can give you my phone number, or write snail mail if you want.

RAINN is awesome. they have the online hotline, and then the phone number you can call to talk to actual r*pe counselors at your local crisis centers. They may even be able to set you up with free counseling (if you are in the U.S. and close to a center that offers it [the counselors, I mean])

::safe hugs:: Take care, and send me a link to your list so I can grant some of your wishes too.
::safe hugs:: My thoughts are with you, hon. Thank you for thinking of me! I'm going to go look for your list and see if I can grant any of your wishes!
That's so sweet hon! Thank you! I'm going to check out your list to see if I cam grant any of your wishes, too!