Tis the season!

I've been wandering around the comm for the past week or so, granting a wish here and there as I can, and finally realized I ought to join and post my own! :) So, here goes.

1. A literary agent. *sighs longingly*

2. Movies on dvd. I'm particular to romantic comedies. But anything will do, I like discovering new, not so popular flicks. Just not scary or gory movies, I'm a wuss.

3. Bookends. I desperately need some bookends for my shelves and keep forgetting I need them until I'm unable to buy some. So yes, bookends would be fabulous. They don't even have to match lol.

4. Old photographs of couples. I'm a romance author and I find old pictures of couples fascinating and inspiring. So if you have any laying about, send them to me! :)

5. Video games for a Nintendo Gamecube. They're ridiculously hard to find anymore, since it's such an old system. So I'd love some more if anyone has any used ones they don't play anymore!

6. Donate to your local animal rescue. I won't ask anyone to adopt, because that's a decision that ought to be taken very seriously and not part of a meme. But do donate, whether it's a bag of food, some toys for the animals, even your time. There are so many animals who spend their lives in a cramped cage, anything to help them would be the greatest gift ever. *hugs my kitties*

7. Someone native to NYC (or super, super familiar with Manhattan, specifically) who is willing to let me pick their brain for research for a book I'm planning. And I do mean pick your brain, I have a zillion details and questions I need to know so I don't get ripped apart for getting it wrong! :)

8. Related to above...someone in the fashion industry who'd let me pick their brain would be *amazing*.

9. Equal rights for everyone. Nuff said.

10. I can't think of anything else I want, so I'll use my last wish on you. I wish for you to have a beautiful, happy, love-drenched holiday, whichever one you might celebrate!

If anyone wants to fill one of my wishes, drop me a PM or email me at faesutherland2@gmail.com :)
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4. PM me to remind me and I'll scan the photograph I have of my grandparent's wedding.

6. Probably will - if not for the holidays, then after. *hugs dog*

9. I wish for that too. Where should we begin? ;-)
it isn't that there are no game cube games, it is just that they are compatible for the wii, so the secondhand market is more active.

i shall keep you in mind if this years games turn out to be turkeys, as we just traded in a bunch of old games.
Ahhh, so that's why they're so hard to find lol. I'm not very up on the new game systems and stuff, so I wasn't aware the Wii was backwards compatible or whatever it's called.

Thank you!
we have a terrible time finding games for our new to us cube. the bins at gamestop are always extremely picked over.

what sort of games do you like?
I'm a huge fan of quest style games, like Zelda and such. I have, I think, all the Zelda games for GC and I also have the FF Crystal Chronicles. Also games like Spyro (have those but something along the same lines would be super fun). I'm not a fan of shooting games or driving games, but pretty much anything else is totally cool. :)

LOL, that's what mine is, a new to me cube. I just got it a few months ago and guh, so hard to find fun games for it!
if you can email me (i forget things, it helps to have it in front of me all in one place) i can probably dig up some couples photos to scan i have a lot fo photos of my family. going back a ways
but i am in retail and this is my busy season.
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com

and i have 8 adopted kittys, and an adopted dog.. i assure you we support our shelters! we also donate all our old towels to them