Happy holidaze!!!

Hello, everyone:) I wish you all a very merry Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Ramadan/ Winter Solstice!!!

My name is Rena:) I am a 29 year old psychology major and full time receptionist in San Francisco. This is my second year in the holiday wishes community. I had so much fun granting wishes last year and there were some very generous people that helped make my christm-akkah brighter, as well. I'm hoping to spread a little more cheer this season:)

Here goes...



1. Anything from my amazon list. Because i'm a nerd, this is mostly filled with books and old school nintendo stuff. Most of it is also listed with used versions at 1 cent or under a dollar plus shipping...yay for used!!!: http://amzn.com/w/1ZGV31JYOS4MX

2. Movies on tapes...yes i said tapes, not DVDs. I absolutely love tapes...so if you are getting rid of movies...don't drop 'em off at Rasputin's...send them to me:) Any type of movie in its sleeve is welcome...i prefer musicals, old movies (esp romances), independent films, horror films and comedies.

3. Books, books, books...as long as they are in decent condition, I will take it:) I LOVE memoirs (esp if they deal with psychological disorders, abuse or addiction), short stories, books of and about art and photography, poetry and plays. I will read pretty much everything except romance and western novels.

4. Mix CD's..esp if they include indie, emo, scream-o, psychobilly/rockabilly or fun oldies:) I find that other people usually have equally eclectic and cool musical taste...who wouldnt want to tap into their repertoire?

5. Donations to the Friends of the Oakland Animal Shelter. I volunteered there and can assure you that any donations of food/money/toys/blankets are all very much needed and appreciated:) They treat all of their animals as if they were their very own pets/ furry companions. http://www.oaklandanimalshelter.org/index.php?m=show_doc&pid=103&z=3

6. Anything with stars on it, or shaped like a star. I looove stars:)

7. Band Shirts...Mens size XL...ANY BAND!!!! I collect them, so I would appreciate it if they aren't hole-y or smelly or anything. Slightly loved is fine:)

8. Lip gloss...

9.hair bows:) Much like a 12 year old girl, I wear a hair bow or headband with a bow on it everyday:)

10. a card:) I absolutely adore getting non-bill mail, unfortunately, it happens very rarely.

You can message me on eljay or email at Renastar23@aol.com for address...

I showed you mine...now show me yours:)
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I have some nifty glow-in-the-dark stars I can send you. =] I'll send an email for your snail-mail info.

I saw yours, so I'm showing you mine.
hey i can't get the animal shelter link to work, could you pm it to me?
Movies on tape, you say? I have about twenty or so and I just haven't packed them yet to give to Goodwill.

Would you like them? I've got musicals, comedies, romantic comedies, etc.

PM your address and I'll see what I can do. :D