Merry Christmas

My holiday wish list. These are all on-line as there are not many material things I am wishing for at the moment.

1. More followers/comments on my personal blog, From Barbies to Words. This month is holiday themed!

2. New LJ friends. =)

3. Readers of the free fiction my sister and I offer at Two to Write. We're even hosting our first contest this morning!

4. Custom layout for my writing journal, [info]writings_by_pam . I would make it myself, but it's hard to find the time this year.

5. Just for someone to wish me a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!
Can you email me any special requests and requirements for 4 [color scheme,layout theme type, images, etc.] at as I do Plus S2 layout-coding/editing?

And I can probably do 1 and 3 (and will likely add them onto my 'blogroll' when i move my website to a family server sometime later this winter)

I emailed you. It'll come from

Yay. :D I'd love to look at your website! =)
Merry Christmas and may joy and love find you in the coming year. :)