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What a cool community!
I was just reading through some posts and I already have some things at home that I don't use - I'm ready to send them out :-]

My names Ashley - I live in northeastern Massachusetts.

My wish list wasn't too big this year as times are tight.
Mostly home improvement type of stuff...

Theres 1 thing I really want but haven't asked for so here it is...

#1. A metal Mezuzah + scroll

I'm Jewish if you haven't guessed by my strange request.
I think it would be really nice to be able to have my own mezuzah to see when I walk through my door. I don't have many things pertaining to my religion in my apartment seeing as how my boyfriend is Christian.

If you're feeling generous you can message me for any contact info.
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I hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for introducing me to something new! It looks like there are a lot of different types. Different metals and woods and all sorts of designs. Very interesting indeed. :D