Happy Holidays!

Hello, everyone! This is such a neat community and I always love looking through all you guys' wishlists! I can't wait to grant some wishes this year.

Well, here's a little about myself: I'm a 22 year-old high school history teacher from a pretty small Texas town. I absolutely love Lord of the Rings (see: icon), cello and guitar, and reading. Oh, and I have a cat called Keely. She thinks she's human.

Here is my wishlist:

1. Gift cards: I'm really tight on money at the moment, with student loans and a teacher's salary, so even the littlest bit helps! Target is wonderful, and as far as fun stuff goes, I love iTunes. I also LOVE Amazon.

2. Snail mail cards: I cannot tell you how exciting it is to get something in the mail that isn't a bill! I always display my holiday cards, and I'd be thrilled to get some from new places this year.

3. Cat supplies: Anything with catnip inside is definitely a hit. My kitty would also appreciate a warm cat bed.

4. Donate to your local animal shelter: I work a lot with Operation Kindness, and I can tell you firsthand that those wonderful animals deserve a great Christmas season, too!

5. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist. Used books/DVDs are great!

6. Handmade things: Mix CDs, knitted/crocheted stuff, soaps, etc. I love crafty things!

7. Good vibes: I have a guy that I really, really like and I'm scared to do anything about it. So if you could just send some good thoughts in my direction that maybe I'll receive some sort of epiphany, that would be completely awesome!

8. A Mac computer or laptop: This is a big one, but I figure it never hurts to hope! My computer, which has been absolutely wonderful up until this point, is slowly dying, and as I keep all my college and teaching files on my laptop as well as creating all of my lesson plans here, it'd be great to have a reliable computer.

Thank you so much, you guys! I hope you all have an amazing holiday season!

Mailing Address:
Erin M.
5111 N. Travis
Apt. #622
Sherman, TX

E-mail Address: weegiusmaximus@gmail.com
Your icon is killing me with cute!

And I can send you a card. :)
always willing to help out a fellow historian. I've added you to my mix cd list.
As a fellow Lord of the Rings fan and holiday wish granter, good vibes are being sent your way. Perhaps your epiphany will arrive around the time of the solstice when the energies are at an all time high. ^__~