Happy Holidays!!

Hello my lovely holiday wishes friends. This is my...4th? year doing this and I look forward to it so much every year. I am a 36 year old mommy from Atlanta who works for the state and has a 16 month old little boy. My sister and her 7 year old twins also live with me, so it's pretty much chaos all the time. LOL!

It's been a rough year for so many of us! Layoffs, furloughs, you name it... Thankfully, I still have a job, a roof over my head, a wonderful child of my own and my wonderful nieces, and the best fremily anyone could ask for. I hope to grant many wishes this year, and I hope that a few folks here can grant a few of mine. So here we go:

1. Anything from my Amazon Wish List...used is great. You don't want it anymore? Found it cheap at the dollar store? Send it to me!

2. Christmas Arts and Crafts for 7 year old girls. They love arts and crafts and we can't supply them fast enough. Just...no beads or pixos, or stuff like that please. The boy has found his nose and ears, and likes to put thing there.

3. Winter clothes for a boy in 18 - 24 months sizes. Do you have a little boy who grew out of that size? It will be well loved here. We especially need pajamas and pants.

4. Work appropriate clothes for me in size 12...possibly 14, dresses especially. I can't really get to the store to get myself anything these days and I need a few more things to wear to work. If you have anything laying around you don't want anymore that would be great.

5. Gift cards from Wal Mart.....groceries and diapers are good things. Enough said.

6. Random Warhammer miniatures or bits. You got some of those lying around? Maybe a lost looking chaos thingy. or space thingy? (this is for hubby, I know not of these things...) He plays 40K and like chaos and not Tao or Nekron. Does anyone know what that means? I want him to be happy and get things he likes.

7. Scarves!! I am cold natured and the twins love to steal my scarves and play bunnies and stuff so I can never find them. Scarves are good. Any kind, any color...it's all good.

8. Christmas music! I had my itunes on an external hard drive that died and all of my Christmas music was on there. Links or CD's are super awesome. thank you so much everyone for sending me the wonderful music! I've recovered almost everything I lost and then some!!! Thank you!!

9. Your old DVD's! Especially children's stuff, horror, and sci-fi. We love that stuff over here.

10. Holiday ornaments. big ones, small ones, handmade, bought at the dollar store. We need stuff to put on our tree.

If you have it in your heart to grant any of these wishes, please email me at rabidchyld@yahoo.com and make sure you put holiday wishes in the subject line. Thanks so much everyone and have a wonderful holiday!
I would love to try and grant some of your wishes, could you please link me this wishlist and your address to fraserette@gmail.com?