Holiday Wishes 2009! :)

Greetings, Oh Wishers and Granters of Wishes!!

I’ve come here a couple of times before. I think this really gets my holiday spirit going!

I’ve been thinking about what i would put on a wish list. Every time i think of something, i feel like it’s too much. Or others are so much more deserving. I’m trying to get over that. :)

My name is Jenne. I am married and have an almost 4 year old daughter. We just bought a house, Husband and I both have decent jobs, and the young one is healthy and happy. Life is pretty good! Two things weigh heavy on my heart and they are the main focus of my Wish List this year. It has to do with my siblings.


  1. I have a wonderful sister, Patrice. She is amazingly optimistic for someone who has had a rough time. Backstory: When she was a teenager, she was diagnosed with a disease in her hip - Synovial chondromatosis. It normally appears in knee joints but hers was in the hip. It caused her to become legally disabled at 18 years old. She has had over 10 operations just trying to remove the joint tumors that kept growing back. Finally it was realized that she would have to have her hip replaced on that side. She had the surgery 5 years ago and when her hip was replaced, one of her legs is not 2.5 inches longer than the other. This has caused a multitude of painful problems that has caused her to not be able to walk without a cane. Between the physical and mental pain she’s been in, my heart is broken for her. She lives very minimally and i recently moved her closer to me here in Massachusetts and have been doing everything i can to get the proper care for her. I have to help her bathe and wash her hair because her arms are so nerve damaged she can’t lift them. She has a special dog that helps her around but she lives in a small room that was donated until she can get assisted housing. She can’t work but she volunteers every day at a local thrift store answering the phones and helping with the books. Basically, she gets barely enough to cover rent, food and car insurance. I’ve been giving her money when I can, making her dinners she can cook in the microwave but she really needs help with things like clothes and toiletries, and perhaps even food for the dog. If someone has some hand me down clothing they would like to donate, she wears XL (size 16) pants and tops, and has a size 8 foot for socks. She doesn’t have a proper winter coat. I gave her one but it’s too small. I do so much but I would really love some extra help. Our family does not help me out with her care and if i could have anything it would be a clean, warm apartment for her and some clothes and shoes, shampoo conditioner and soap to give her. That would be amazing and would make my holiday wishes come true. She’s such a fun and positive person and inspires me every day, and I want to help make things easier on her.
  2. Patrice also loves to listen to music and read. She was a great singer/songwriter but her physical problems have caused her to stop playing and i know that hurts her too. I bring her things from the library often as she cannot afford cable. I’m so glad i was able to get a small DVD player for her so at least we can get her things to watch that way. if anyone has any old DVDs, cds or books to donate, that would be an added bonus!
  3. On December 17th, 2007, our amazing brother, Bill, passed away from Sarcoidosis. He contracted it from volunteering at Ground Zero from 9/11 – 9/14, 2001. He was a 2nd LT in the US Army, retired due to the illness, and worked as an ER Nurse. He passed away on his beloved wife’s birthday and left many people devastated by this sudden loss. He did not know the disease had gotten so bad. He was. IS my best friend. He was the kindest and smartest and funniest human I have ever known. I am SO proud to be his sister. The holidays will never be the same but I do my best to celebrate not just the season but Bill and his amazing life. You can read more about Bill here. What i would like is for people to consider donating to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. There is no cure and every bit of help will assist in the research necessary. Thank you for even considering it. Bill was one of those people who always donated to causes, always!! he would stop the car if he saw someone with a sign saying they needed help and offer to buy them food. it was just the kind of guy he was.
  4. i have a small request for myself. I collect postcards, and would love to receive some. I also like to collect stickers for scrapbooking and for my daughter – she loves them!

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What sort of things does your sister like to read? Is there a particular genre preference?
Thanks for asking!
She really enjoys horror mysteries, true crime, biographies and anything to do with vampires. :)
I can send you a postcard. Can you send me your address and what I promised to

Happy Holidays!
Thanks so much!! i love your username. :)
I will definitely send you a PM.
She is not picky at all - she likes things that smell like coconut or vanilla, and she likes regular soaps like Dial or Dove. I got her something from LUSH for Christmas last year called Rock Star Soap, that is her dream item :)

thanks again!
I can help - and you're pretty local to me so I could arrange an in-person drop off to you if that's OK with you! Please send me a PM
hey. I live in the UK so I can't really afford to post anything across the pond, but if you message me links for any amazon wishlist (if your sister has one) or if you have a paypal account I could transfer a few pounds across to go towards a nice clothing thing? I'd like to offer more to help make things nice but I don't have much yet to share back. But do pls msg me cos I'll forget to check back here!!
(um feel kind of bad to be offering your sister something and you no postcard, but again it's a cost thing :\ Sorry!)
EDIT for address
i can easily do a postcard.. and scrapbooking stuff, please send me your addres and let me know what i said i would send...
put holiday wishes in the subject or my computer eats them...

it helps if i give you my email, doesnt it?

i MAY have some clothing in your sisters size.i will have to see if i gave it away already....
and i am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother, yes its a damnable disease... and has cost too many people 's lives.
many of those who just LIVED near by are slowly being diagnosed also

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Re: EDIT for address
*thank you*

i have been hearing about the people living in the area finding out they have's just crazy! so sad and maddening all at once. I will send you a pm and thanks so much for your offer :)
hey! I'd love to send something to your sister and a post card to you. Please email your address and a link back to this link to Thanks! Happy holidays!