December is finally here!

Hi! This is my 3rd or 4th year with this community and I'm excited to be filling other people's wishes. I'm 24, living on my own for the first time with a huge amount of credit card debt that I refuse to let amyone bail me out of. I'm not going to let anyone else pay for groceries/goodies/silly buys from a couple of years ago. This means that even though I work a full 40 hours a week money is pretty tight, so I'll be sending out as many cards and packages as I can before I run out of money. I'm getting more organized each year and if you send me something I will send you a thank you card. If you sent me something in past years and I didnt send you a thank you card I'm sorry and thank you very much!

The List

1. Time I never have enough time to get all the things done that I want & the sleep that I need. I could really use a few more hours in the day.

2. External Hard Drive I've almost used up all the memory on my laptop and actually have had to uninstall programs. Alternatively a laptop that doen't run on Vista would be cool. I have other programs that I can't use with Vista.

3. Food I'm living by myself for the first time and I'm constantly amazed by how much I'm spending on food. It would be nice to have a good supply of some pantry staples to help cut down some off my costs for at least a little while. Important items are applesauce cups(for work), chef boyardee ravioli, pasta, ro-tel tomatoes, itty bitty cans of unsalted tomato sauce, peanut butter(creamy or crunchy), Cambell's condensed Minestrone, Healthy Request Chicken Noodle and Cream of Chicken soups, honey, and baked beans.

4. Food Storage Turns out that my new apartment has just the right humidity to encourage flour mites. I really need flour mite proof containers to keep things vulnerable food safe. Perfect for this are glass canisters. I prefer the kind with a snap-over latch and rubber seal that can be removed for easy cleaning. Also I just discovered that they still make Tupperware. And I would love some.

5. Blue/Green/Purple Kitchen Items The color scheme for my kitchen is blue/green/purple and I'd love to have pans/utensils/etc. to match.

6. Music Videos I love to watch fan-made music videos for my favorite shows/movies on youtube. What I want is for you to link me to your favorite/the best videos you have found. I'm really looking for videos that show good timing of video to music and lyrics so that it all fits together beautifully. My favorite fandoms are Inuyasha, Trigun, WALL-E, Danny Phantom, Gargoyles, Avatar, Fairly Odd Parents, Recess. Also, if you have an amazing video for another fandom, please share, maybe you can make me a fan too!

7. More Music Videos Adobe Premiere is one of the programs I've had to remove from my computer and there are a couple of music videos that I would like to see. 1. Inuyasha - Welcome to the Jungle by Guns'N'Roses. Focusing on the first couple of episodes when Inuyasha and Kagome first meet. 2. WALL-E - Love Machine by Girls Aloud. 3. Inuyasha - In The Shadows by The Rasmus. Focus on how Inuyasha has alway been an outsider watching others and now he's included with his group of friends. If anyone would make these videos for me I would love you forever.

8. Inuyasha This is a new fandom for me and I'd love to have some cute Inuyasha merchandise. All I have right now is the movies box set and season 2 DVDs. Inuyasha is my favorite character. It's all about the ears.

9. Music I tend to be behind the times when it comes to new songs/artists. I need to expand my music collection so please send me your favorite music, even if it isn't new. I'll listen to just about any style. I ask that you please send a cd/mix cd not downloadable files because I listen to music in the car the most, so I need more cds.

10. Amazon Wishlist LinkWhat's a wishlist without The Wishlist. Used items are beautiful. Someone mentioned that I forgot to include a link. That's been fixed, thank you!

If you find it in your heart to send anything you can mail it to:

J. E. Williams
7775 Country Aire Ln
Columbia, MO 65203
Hmm I can share my favorite music videos I've found!

First this one is from an anime movie called 5 Milimeters per second. I had never seen this movie but this vid was just so beautiful that I had to try it out-

This one makes me giggle, Vic Mignogna made it about the yaoi (boy/boy) fangirls out there-

For Avatar I love this these- <- It's heavy Aang/Katara. It's simple but I like how the scenes show pretty much 90% of the suffering they went through and still they stay together <- Zuko/Katara but it is just HILARIOUS! <- This one has been a fave of mine for a while. It's a country music one, but it shows Zuko and Iroh's relationship really nicely.
I have added you to my mix cd list. You will get a cd. It might be Easter before you get the cd, but you will get one.
I’m packing to move and I realized that it was holiday time again, as it is almost November, so I thought I’d go looking for the LJ Holiday Wishes group, only to find that the 2010 group won’t be starting for a few more weeks. But I’m still looking for distractions, so I started browsing the 2009 wishes. Don't know if your address is still the same, or if your kitchen theme/colors are the same still, seeing as it's been a year since the list went up, but please e-mail me your address to with the subject "2009 Holiday Wishes LJ" and in the e-mail also put your kitchen info. I don't have any pots/pans/etc. to send, but I knit washcloths/dishcloths like an addict and would love to send you a few.