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I saw this on a friend's page and thought it is a great idea. I'm Meghan, 20, and a college student living in Philadelphia at the moment. As most college students, I don't really have a lot of money but the idea of brightening strangers' holidays with what I can give makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so I'll do what I can.

1. Gnomes and gnome related things
I collect them and I think they're some of the most adorable things ever. I'd enjoy anything having to do with gnomes. A friend once found a gnome coloring page, printed it, colored it, and sent it to me. I still have it hanging to this day.

2. Halloween related decorations
Despite my love of giving, Halloween is my favorite holiday. In particular I'm fond of skulls (and skeletons!) zombies, and non-sparkling vampires. Props, decorations, cards, toys. I like it all.

3. A dream catcher
After years of having one, mine is finally falling apart and I'd like one to replace it.

4. Cards or letters (snail mail)
Handmade, store bought, holiday related or not, I'd like cards as they always make me happy. Letters as well. Even if the letter is just telling me about your day, I'll be interested.

5. Mix CDs, ZIP or .rar files
I'm not extraordinarily picky about my music, but I am a pretty big fan of older emo and pop-punk (Jawbreaker, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard.) I love hearing new music and themed-mixes are always fun, or even music from your local bands.

6. Black Hole by Charles Burns
I loaned my copy out to someone last year and we stopped talking and I never got it back. I'd really enjoy a replacement copy be it new, or used. I'd be fine with one in basically any condition, as long as all the pages are still there.

If you do make any of my wishes come true, I would like to send you a thank you card. So if you would like, give me your address.

Email: meghanew719 AT gmail DOT com

Meghan W.
29 Longview Drive
Thornton, PA 19373
I have added you to my mix cd list. You might get it by Christmas, you might get it by Easter, but you will get a mix cd.