Holiday Wishes.

My name is Shana, and I am a 24 year old full time student, mother, and soon to be wife. I live in Harrisburg, PA and I will be attending PSU. I am going to school become an Accountant. Its totally fun (haha...). I found this community from a friend. We are very fortunate that we can get/ask for the things we want from family. But I am filling a few wishes, so I thought I would make my own. This will be my first year, and my list is very simple.

1. Online friends/RL friends My fiance is moving to Pittsburgh, while I am staying in Harrisburg with our son. I am completing school here and he is working there. It is going to be very hard. But I am going to spend a lot of non-school time on the computer Skyping, and IMing him. It would be nice if he isn't the only person I know for the next two years. But going out doesn't really happen with a kid. That being said, real life friends (if there is anyone here from Harrisburg) I would love to hang out and get to know more people.

2. Tutor Help I am getting into some of the heavy courses in Accounting and would love someone to lean on or lean with. Another student-- maybe we can go back and forth. It helps me learn.

3. Cards!/Letters I love getting cards! Holiday cards are awesome. I have one new penpal from another person's wish, but could use a few more.

4. Neck Ties This is for my fiance. He won't buy cool ones and returns all of the one's I pick for him. Why? I have no idea. But with no way to return them to the original owner... HAHA off the hook. Geeky ties (he's a computer nerd), plain ties, funny ties, just no thin ties (they make him look bigger than he is). He doesn't like pink or purple. Even if they are cute...

5. Any Chuck P books Used or new, I don't care. I love the writer. He wrote Fight club. The only two books I have by him are Diary, and Lullaby. He has a new book, but I don't expect that one. It would be great though. The used book stores around here don't have them and I would I prefer used.

6. Donate to Autism help/services My son has not been diagnosed yet with Autism, but is likely he is on the spectrum somewhere. My son is the most important thing to me in the world, and I love him so much. He is perfect, no matter what. However, families who deal with this can go through hell. My son is not as bad as others, and it is hard. Some days I just want to cry. But it isn't just him, getting help is hard too. Doctors, family members, and local services can make you second guess every move, so much that you don't seek out help, or can't get it. A donation to an organization that will search for an answer, or just provide support services would be great.

Thank you to everyone who participates in every single one of these requests and everyone else's requests. This is something so nice to see.

I don't have a problem with posting my address:
Shana Frentz
139 Houston Drive
Grantville, PA 17028
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6. I used to work with adolescents who have Autism and the money is needed everywhere for those who have Autism - from doctor's and research to schooling and housing (for those who no longer live at home). While I don't have the financial means to donate money at this point in time, when/if my greeting card business takes off I'd considered taking a portion of the profits for a certain time span and donating it. Good luck!
If you have any of those greeting cards I would love to see some designs (I love non huge company greeting cards).

I freaking love your cards. (More specifically your thank you cards)

I am going to store your link under my wedding post. I'd love to buy some cool thank you cards to send out after my wedding. I won't be buying them for another 6 months, but you definitely have new business.
Awww thank you! I'll keep that in mind so that I can prepare. Glad you enjoy and have a happy and stress free wedding :-)
I'd be happy to send 'Pygmy' to you. I'm probably never going to re-read it. Expect it within a week or so. =D
Awesome. I haven't even heard of that book. He is such an amazing writer (personally) and have read the two books I have at least 10 times each.
haha. I just realized I replied to your wishlist after you made this post... but you are now on my friend's list.
#1 -- I'm not in your area, but I'd be glad to be an online LJ friend if you want. :)
id love to be your pen pal :) email me @ for my address :)

I just wanted to you leave you a message because you had posted to my list and said you would grant a wish or two of mine and I wanted to tell you I will do the same for you!!

Hope all is well!!