My Wishlist Christmas 2009

Well, it seems that this Christmas will be very slim in gifts and things going on for me since my family is all out of work thanks to the economy. It would be nice to get a few surprises.

I am 37, a photographer, and living in Washington State for now. I am planning to move back to California after the holidays. I am single and have no kids so, my Christmas' are the usual dysfunctional family get-togethers. I try to make Christmas more Christmas-y for friends my sending tons of cards out.

What do I want?

#1: Christmas cards/New Years: It brightens up the holidays for me to get cards at the holidays.

#2: True Blood LJ icons: It's my current tv show obsession. Eric Northman is my favorite character.

#3: Mix CDs: I favor brit-pop, alternative, reggae, techno, ad world music...with some old jazz thrown in.

#4: Fashion magazines from other countries: I write a fashion blog and it is fun to see what is fashionable in places other than the USA.

And that is about it. Throw me your email in comments and I will supply my home address. :)
I have some True Blood Icons, not many though. I am trying to find more myself (I have a neat and sexy graphic of Eric too if you would like that). Send me an e-mail at pixie_vixen117 at and I will send them to you.
Sure friend me at lj but be aware that the job lose and stressed family life of the moment has made me rant quite a bit. :)

A card would be fun! email me at: shadownlite at and I will send you my address!

Thanks so much for the hugs from a fellow Eric fan!
And that's fine. My journal is full of rants, too, so no biggie. :)
Alrighty, I'll shoot an email your way.
And you are welcome! Im rather new to the fandom but it's such a welcome shot in the arm compared to Twilight.
Agree...on the welcoem shot to the ar,m. Twilight just is so 'pre-teen' to me. I like my vampires to have sex thank you. :)
I love your icon! I've just recently gotten into Flight of the Conchords :D

I would like to send you a card! Email me your address at
Flight of the Conchords and True Blood?!?!?! 10 points for you...with bonus points for also being an Eric fan!

Email your details to katewoolard at hotmail dot com and a card will head your way, with the probable addition of some music after Christmas!