Are YOU my Santa?

Hey fellow Elfs in Training!

I'm Theresa. 23 years old.. I live in South San Francisco, CAlifornia USA. I LOVE the holidays, the general vibe of the cold.. And the scent of burning wood in a neighbors fireplace while laying in your bed with the window open! Don't forget the late nights sitting in bed with some warm tea. I am a HUGE Journaling buff; I am always writing and everything goes into the books. I am an artist. I paint, draw, and create my own music - Guitar/Piano; you name it.
I have no real idea of what to post here.. I LOVE EVERYTHING.. A gift is a GIFT and beggers can't be choosers so I'd honestly be happy with anything.

1. MIXED CDS! I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE getting new music and listening to them while I relax at home writing in a journal or riding the train to some far off journey. I listen to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I would actually LOVE to hear more music and get taken out of my 'comfort zone' :) I love it when people decorate/make their own CD Covers/in lays.

2. Art supplies= Paints, stencils, brushes, or any type of sketchpad would be absolutely awesome. Anything to be creative with.

3. A homemade COLLAGE of anything or my name! I love any type of artwork anyone makes.. It's my passion.. so be creative and I'll love it.

4. Friends for Snail Mail/ Pen pals. I love writing and could always use another friend from around the world.. or state. I'm a very social person.

5. Peacock/Bird Feathers.. I collect them and am trying to make a wall-decoration. I currently have 4 feathers and would love some more.. Of ANY TYPE OF BIRD!

6. A stuffed animal. Something cute and cuddly to rest my head next to at night :D

I would love ANYTHING to be honest, I would feel honoured in the fact that someone took time to send me a gift, no matter what it was.

Shoot me a line at : SAILOR.RISE@GMAIL.COM
I would love to be your pen pal :) Email me @ for my address :)
impsreprieve AT yahoo, i sent you email, want address. please? thank you ^_^