Happy Holidays!

1. My Amazon Wishlist - books mostly.

2. Bird things - I am especially fond of owls, corvids and penguins. Anything bird themed you have lying around, even used postage stamps, would be awesome.

3. Teas - Loose or bagged, any kind but green.

4. Vegan friendly sweets/snacks

5. Be kind to yourself and to others.

6. More sunshine - less gloomy, wintery darkness.

7. Surprise me! Maybe based on my LJ interests? :3

K. Rautio
Vallonvagen 13 C
730 50 Skultuna

*toddles off to grant them wishes*
I have several boxes of peppermint and chammomile teas, more than I will ever drink.

I'd be happy to send them to you!

I'mgoing to bookmark your entry so I can mail them out to you!
There's a card coming your way.

If you can wait until after Christmas, I can also send you some tea.
I am going to send you a card with something small and bird-related inside. :)