Our Holiday Wish List

Items 1-6 would be used in our animal rescue endeavors.
Items 7-10 will be for US for our enjoyment.
If fulfilling any wish list item (except #4 Monetary Donations) please contact us at mrmrsbobo@yahoo.com. If making a Monetary Donation, please let us know that you sent it to the SPCA Alliance of NC by contacting us at mrmrsbobo@yahoo.com . Thanks in advance.

#1.Laptop Computer - Will be used to show slide shows of rescued animals up for adoption.
#2.Digital Camera - Will be used to take pictures of rescued animals up for adoption. If possible we would like it to be at least a 7 mega pix so we can get good clear pictures.
#3.GPS System - Will be used to locate destinations when we transport rescued animals by car.
#4.Monetary Donations - Will be used to help improve the lives of homeless and abused animals. Send donations to the SPCA Alliance of NC (a non-profit organization). PO Box 1461 Tarboro, NC 27886. Please make a note that you are sending this donation through a post on Holiday Wish List by Lisa White
#5.Animal Supplies - Will be used for our rescued animals. Need items to include but not limited to Dog Pens, Crates, Carriers, Beds, Toys, Puppy Pads, ETC…
#6.Single Engine Airplane - This would be used to transport rescued animals to their new homes which are too far off to drive them to. My husband is in the process of getting his pilots license just for this cause.
#7.Books - Any books. I LOVE books and am an avid reader.
#8.Gift cards - Wal-mart, Foodlion, Olive Garden
#9.DVR/VHS Combo - To replace ours that broke.
#10.PC Computer Games - My husband plays a lot of PC games and would love just about any kind of pc game. Examples would be like… War games, adventure, RPG (Role Playing Games), Simulation games, Search and Find Hidden Objects, Word Games, ETC…