Looking For Christmas Angels :)

We have four kids: 12 year old twin boys, 9 year old daughter (princess) & a 15 month old baby boy. I am filling this list out in hopes that someone will see it and make Christmas possible for the kids, from the stockings, to the gifts, and even a holiday dinner, things my husband and I can't provide, as we are having a hard enough time keeping our heat on and rent paid. So here is hoping that there are some Angels. Heros. Santas out there that will bless/adopt our family. Things are looking up though...its looking like things will be easier as we come into the new year, but the holidays are making this month a little difficult.

1. amzn.com/w/28URNSO6KSPZH amzn.com/w/2AURHZ2SIM9V3 Amazon wishlist, anything from this.
2. Gift Cards to any big box stores, like Wal-mart, Target (we are in the Rochester NY area, so no West Coast only stores, they won't help)
3. Gift Cards for 'Gifts' B&N or ToysRus, etc.
4. Tinkerbell Items for my Daughter (she really loves Tinkerbell and all the fairies)
5. WoW (World of Warcraft) Game time cards for the twins so they can play their favorite game.
6. WoW TCG (Trading card game) cards: Scourge war is the latest one out, but any would be great
7. Gift of any kind for the kids (ages 12y twins boys, 9y princess girl, 15m baby boy)
8. Play cars for the baby, he is really into anything that Vrooms right now & his fav movie is cars, so any cars appropriate for toddlers.
9. Christmas Cards w/ stickers or something: Addressed to the kids personally. (email me for our address & names)
10. Holiday Dinner or the ability to purchase such.

Aileene Clinton
10 Duke St
Rochester, NY 14609
aileene25@hotmail.com (this is linked to our paypal as well)