Happy Holidays~♥

Hello, everyone and Happy Holidays. I'm new and a bit unsure about if I should even post here at all...but why not, right?

o1; Letters/cards. [I love snailmail, I really do and it seems to be a dead art form. People would rather send e-mail. I feel important when I get mail, especially a handwritten letter or card.]

o2; Drawings. [I can't draw so getting art is another treat. I'd love any Code Geass/Yu-Gi-Oh/Kingdom Hearts fanart to plaster my wall with. Besides fanart, I just love beautiful art.]

o3; LOST stuff. [Anything relating to Lost, my newest obsession. Just started watching season 2 on Netflix and I'm really excited to see where it's going.]

o4. Mix CDs/Music. [I love music and I always feel like I'm late on what's awesome and such. I love rock, pop, j-pop...a little bit of everything, really.]

o5. Inspiration. [I want to be a writer but since November of 2008, when I found out my Dad had pancreatic cancer, I haven't been able to write anything of value. My Dad passed away in June of this year and my writing has obviously suffered...so any advice or anything someone could give me would be appreciative.]

o6; Shotglasses. [I collect them so shotglasses from anywhere would be really neat.]

o7; Earrings. [I love earrings and I can't get enough.]

o8; Memorial picture frame. [As stated, I lost my father, and I would love to find a nice picture frame to put a picture of the two of us in. All the ones I find are very plain and not very appealing. And I doubt my Daddy would wanna be put in a Nightmare Before Christmas frame.]

o9; A fanfic [I would love someone to write a fanfic for my favorite pairing in Code Geass; Lelouch Lamperouge/Euphemia li Britannia. I'm very pickey with my fanfics and haven't been able to find anything appealing as of yet.]

1o; Luck for the new year. [I've been in two car accidents and lost my father this year...I need it to actually work out for myself, my family and my friends. ♥]

Lauren Geier
272 Madison Ave
Clifton, NJ 07011

Please and thank you for reading this gibberish. ♥ If you guys even read this, I'd be flattered. I'll see if I can help anyone smile this season.
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I can send you music in a .zip :)

And perhaps we could trade back and forth on the inspiration thing, since I had a similar wish?
:D! omg, really? You're too awesome! Favorite color is purple, but I love red, black, pink and blue too. :3
I'm already got you down for a Shilo/Graverobber fanmix, but I'll try to draw you some Kingdom Hearts stuff as well. I'm not the best artist evar but I'm not too shabby at it :]
I'm compressing my music into a .rar file right now! :D I'll post the download link soon. Let me know if you'd rather want a .zip!

...I'll send you a card next year! /too lazy this year
Re: Some music for you.
♥♥! Thank you so much! I haven't heard any of these bands/songs before. What a treat! :3 Thank you so much!