Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hi there! My name is Bethany. I'm 20 years old and this is my first Christmas I'll be spending away from my family, and a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this community. :)

I think this community is such a wonderful idea, and I already have a dozen or so tabs open for wishes I can't wait to grant!

My own wishlist:

1. Socks/scarves --- I love socks and scarves. Anything in any colour will be wonderful!

2. Cards --- I love receiving mail. Even if its an e-card, it would be wonderful.

3. Toys for my kitten --- She's going to be two years old soon, so I suppose she's not a kitten anymore, but she's so tiny! (she was the runt) And she still loves to play with any and everything. :3

4. Stationery --- Pens, papers, stickers! I love to write, especially letters back home to allof my family in Germany. <3

5. Be kind to a stranger, and wish them a Happy Holiday --- That's simple enough, and it really would make my day. If you do not grant any other wish this Holiday season, Please do this one. <3

6. Anything else! --- Letters, emails, comments, anything else you may want to send, I would love and appreciate so much!

Bethany Geter
3281 7th Street
Sarasota, Florida 34237-4701


Thank you all so much!

Now I'm off to grant wishes as well. *so excited*
I would like to try and grant some of your wishes, could you please email me your address and a link to this page at fraserette@gmail.com?
This will be my first christmas not visiting my family for it!

So I've got a care package I'll be sending your way! Also, Happy Holidays stranger ;)

Just reply to this comment so I don't forget to send it.