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Hello! I am Shawnacy, I had a list last in 2006. The last three years have been a long strange trip, and I am in desperate need of holiday cheer here. So I thought where else could I go, and I realized that this community is here again and it helped so much three years ago! I have two little monkeys, both girls 4 & 9. I got married last year on Christmas Eve, after 5 years of being gun-shy of remarrying. My husband is a very patient man. I am trying to get into the spirit this year, but having a bit of a time doing it. Let’s see, I have 1 year left on my degree (Double Major B.A. Anthropology and Creative Writing with an Honor’s thesis(Poetry!) ), then starts the hunt for a graduate program or a job, whichever I find first. My dream is to get a PhD and teach Folklore while I write, but well reality is what it is. I love making stuff when I have the time, and of course I write.

1. Littlest Pet Shops things for my daughters, they are the only things my daughters still use together. My oldest reads the books to the little one at the library, they have a few animals they got for their birthdays that they play with, they covet the stickers, really anything to do with the little critters they both agree rocks.

2. Books for my oldest, she loves the Harry Potter series and the Frog Princess series. She loves animals, fantasy, and girl heroes. She also likes non-fiction and Goosebump type books. She loves reading, and currently it is the only thing she likes about school. She is a special kid who has some special emotional needs, and is having a hard time with the kids and teachers at school, and so is using books as an escape.

3. My youngest has asked for a princess Barbie or princess legos from Santa. She is 4 and on a princess kick. Santa is not currently able to grant these wishes as Santa has not had a job since July when his employment closed despite public protest and Mrs. Santa’s student loans and financial aids have been used to make ends meet these past 4 months. Thank you Mel!

4. Kitty things! To help my oldest, her therapist had recommended a pet, something to provide feedback and affection without conditions. Tachikoma is a prized family member we adopted, who is becoming quite spoiled.

5. Anything Russian for my mother-in-law, she has been studying Russian for 10 years and loves Russian culture. She is a great woman who is sometimes forgotten in the wake of her husband.

6. Shadowrun anything for my husband. People to play, a game to join, books, art. He had all the game books, but they got swamped during Ike.

7. Candy recipes for my husband. He has recently gotten in touch with his inner candy maker as a way of stress relief from the months of job-hunting.

8. I am a writer, so I am in chronic need of pens and journals. I prefer G-2’s because they are easier on my hands than any other pen I have tried. I also can always use books – poetry, art, interesting/odd non-fiction—for inspiration and reference.

9. Mail and Surprises in the mail! Anything that isn’t bills or junk mail flyers. I love getting things in the mail, and had to quit swapping between money, health, and school. My oldest loves reading letters and cards and getting little things in the mail.

10. Tell someone you love them, tell someone you appreciate what they do, smile at a stranger, give of yourself this season. Material things are good and all, but people need those intangible things so much.

Please email me at cute_lil_cabbit@hotmail.com with Holiday Wishes in the Subject line for my address, my hubby just asked that I pull my street address. Or drop me a message on LJ.

Happy Holidays!

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I can do 9 & 10 for you. I will be eMailing you shortly for you address.
Hey! I might be able to help you out! I was a shy child as well and books were my escape and strong females were always awesome to me, I might be able to send your daughter some stuff.

Could you send me a link to your wishlist and your address to: fraserette@gmail.com?
That would be awesome! I will email you in just a minute.

She is such a sweet kid, I just wish that the kids in her class would give her a chance to show them.
I can grant #6! My husband has nearly all of the Shadowrun books in digital format. Would you like me to send them to you? It's not something you can hold in your hands, but would your husband like that?
Oh I would love it! He is such a cute gaming geek and has been trying to piece together what he remembers of the system by read and re-reading his old GM notes and grilling me. He would totally squee if he had the texts to go over.

Your icon rocks, they look so happy and in love. It is awesome.
Would it be alright if I burned them onto CD's and mailed them? We have all of 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition in digital format! Just let me know, and if you'd like me to mail them, please send your address to my e-mail at: VD_VC@ymail.com

And thank you so much~! They're mine and my husband's characters!
I emailed you!

Are they Shadowrun characters or fiction or other game? They look like interesting people.

Do you have a list I could look at?