Happy Holidays! :D

Hello! My name is Elise and I'm seventeen =] I'm new to this community, but I've looked around at it before. I've just always been so shy to post anything. My wishlist is very simple, for I've always enjoyed the simple things.

1.) Letters! - I love letters <3 I'm always happy to read them. So it would be awesome to recieve a letter from anyone and from anywhere. Write about whatever in whatever language. I'm a language dork anyways so it would be awesome to get a letter in any language =]

2.) Cards/Drawings/Stories - Kind of like above, lol. I haven't recieved a holiday card from anyone outside of my family before so it would be awesome to get one! I love drawings too. Whether they were made online or sent in the mail, I really don't mind. I also don't care if you're an artist or not and to be honest I think everyone is artistic =] About the stories. Well, I love to write in my free time and I also enjoy reading other people's stories. It can be about anything and it can be however long. Sent online or in the mail, again I don't care.

3.) Music - I love music as well and I listen to just about anything. CD or a zip file on the computer, I'm fine with either. I'm always looking for new music ^^

4.) French Dictionary - I'm going to be going into college next year and I will be study many different languages while I'm there. French is one of the languages I plan on studyig and if anyone has one laying around they don't use/want then I'd be wiling to have it if you want to give it away ^^

5.) Friends - This sounds odd, but I would love to meet some new people =]

6.) Smile! - It's the holidays so everyone please remember to be happy and smile! ^__^ May you all have a wonderful, super, awesome, fun holiday and new year!

I would put my address, but I'm always nervous to do so. My email is: Moonlightjirachii@hotmail.com

If you want my address then please feel free to email or comment, asking for it ^^ If you send anything, chances are that I might send something in return. I can't promise amazing gifts because I'm not the richest. I promise to send thanks though. Thanks again!
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♥~ Hey there. I can't promise it'll be fast with all the holiday rush but I'd love to try and send you a letter. :3
Aw thank you! <3 Do you have an email I could send my address to? :D I could send it on LJ if you would prefer ^^