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Hey everyone hows your holidays. im christy im 26 from Clyde, North Carolina. I have 4 boys all together a 6yo, 5yo stepson, 3yo and a 6mo. We just moved not long ago from another town in nc to here and i enjoy giving in the christmas spirit and in the spirit of jesus christ. Here is my wishlist.

1. Anything thomas the train, or Lightening mcqueen for my older boys

2. anything from my Amazon wishlist. http://www.amazon.com/Christy-sparks/wishlist/8N0YJCMESYWJ/ref=cm_wl_search_bin_2

3. Anything winnie the pooh for my 6mo he has a nice little collection of blankets and stuffys going.

4. Anything for my fiance im not sure on what but if you think that a guy likes it i will welcome it.

5. Postcards of where your from. I love postcards and i have a nice collection id like some from other countries also.

6. someone to talk to. I dont have many friends but would love to have more a girl can never have too many friends.

7. Make-up i love makeup send me anything.

8. Asian stuff. I absolutely love asian things. Fans, dolls, clothing, anything asian.

9. DVDs i love to watch movies my favorites are Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter movies, Pirates of the carribian. Any kids movies too my kids love watching movies their favorite new thing is Pokemon.

10. For you to spread the christmas cheer and keep the holiday spirit going with your family and your kids. This christmas bake some sweet goodies with your kids or take your mom shopping.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours i hope you have a wonderful christmas.
Totally down for a postcard :) Email me at rachael.richardson@gmail.com!!