Happy Holidays!

My name is Morgan, and I'm 50 years old, living in Indianapolis. I may have done this a couple of years ago? I don't remember. I'm owned by three cats. I'm disabled (cerebellar ataxia) and my only income is SSI. But I'm looking for work and I'm wanting to start (again) making chainmail dice bags and jewelry and such and selling them on Etsy or eBay for a little extra coin. (In fact, I just received word that my order of rings has been shipped). This year has had it's ups and downs, but it's certainly beat the previous two by a landslide. I'm focusing on the positive, grateful for what I do have, and hopeful for the future.

So... here is my wish list. Hand-me-downs of whatever I list here are always welcome.
  1. Good thoughts, prayers, energy toward my having a great year to come, especially attaining an income that's enough to meet my needs and desires.
  2. A Digital Camera. - Doesn't have to be new (working hand-me-downs are great!), just has to work and have a macro function (usually looks like a flower on a button on the back of the camera) for taking pictures of my work. Preferably at least 5 megapixel. My last camera was borrowed and broken some time earlier this year. :(
  3. Gift Certificates to The Ringlord, from where I order the rings to make my chainmaille.
  4. D&D Miniatures. New or used, I don't care. Why? Because I play Dungeons & Dragons. :D
  5. Surprise me! I love surprises.
  6. BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) perfume oils. I love them!
  7. New (or new to me) backpack to carry around my every day purse-type stuff as well as my game books. Mine has about had it, and one of the straps is ready to break at any moment
  8. Gift Certificates to DAZ3D.com - 3D rendering in DAZ Studio is another one of my hobbies.
  9. Surprise me! I love surprises and random acts of kindness.
  10. Anything from my Amazon.com Wish List.

Contact info: My gMail is ladybearheart AT gmail.com. As to my home address, see this post..

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a happy holiday.
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Sure will. :) Thanks. I think I should sub to the "thanks" community now that you reminded me.
happy holidays! (you look familiar, i wonder if we are on any of the same communities..)
anyway.. can you take miniatures that have lead? i have some from before they re did them to be lead free.....
bpal? no problem, always glad to help out
I don't see why not. I just would have to be careful not to use them where there are little kids. Thank you.
So, I got this phone. It's a t-mobile zine. And well, t-mobile sucks. I get no service and I've had to replace the phone 3 times and their customer service sucks.

ANYWAYS. If you google t-mobile zine, It's not a phone with a camera attached, but a CAMERA with a phone attached. 5.0 megapixel, zenon flash. Has your little flower logo on it too.

In December, my family is leaving t-mobile finally, and I'll be getting a new phone.

Would you like my zine? It should work fine as a camera without phone service. I'm not the most gentle with my electronics (do NOT let it get wet, or near any major heat!!!), so I've had to replace it 3 times so far, so this particular one is brand new. You'd also get a spare battery with it. And any cords I can find. It takes a micro-SD card, which I'll go ahead and include.

It'll just have to wait until around January for me to be able to send it, since I'm not sure what day I'll be getting my new phone.

IF NOT I still have things to send you, I'm just not telling. That's half the fun :D
You know, that would be awesome. That would also give me an emergency link to 911 while I'm out and about as I don't have a cell phone. (don't know if I can fit it in the budget right now.) Yeah, I have friends with T-Mobile, so I feel your pain. On the news they had a consumer ratings survey that showed that Verizon has the best satisfaction. Oddly, T-Mobile was second. AT&T had the worst.
:) Cool. Yeah, I think I did a major no-no since when I went in to get it replaced AGAIN they mentioned a cheaper plan they could offer and I was like 'psh we're switching in like a month so idgaf' which might not have helped the desire to be good customer service lol. I'll let you know when I get my new phone, and ship you the zine
I'm not sure how pretty of a backpack you're looking for, but I have an old Jansport that I used for a summer or two but is still in good condition. It's this model, more or less, and the colour is a shade or two lighter than their navy on that page. (I'd call it cadet blue, maybe. That "navy" looks very light to me, but it probably looks different in person.) It's stamped "Irregular" inside -- we have an outlet in town, so they sometimes get the bags that are not perfect enough to sell in the retail stores.

With all those caveats in mind, if you're interested, let me know if you're interested, and I can send it to the address listed in your journal.